E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


Looks like many teams have planted.
and some old players have returned.
Going to be fun to watch.




You planted, Annon?


If anyone wants to carry me to top 10, lmk on Skype. Thank you.


what no?⁣⁣



idk battledawn but I’ll say no


Era started with PooE which contains 4E and CHNA lead by Yingyang fighting.


im hoping they win. compared to the other trash that exists there, i would prefer 4e winning.


alliance territories as of tick 69


Also S1K and TheD are fighting


another case of 2nd and 3rd quarreling and giving 1st a free win?


Yea you betcha :sleeping:


if by “old players” you mean BROS (the title of this thread), it’s not that impressive. they don’t seem to be dominating any region. just stuck in one corner.


87 of my power is conquers. Look at my colony size.


If I was interested in secretly spying for other teams then I wouldn’t have my medals/ign properly showing. Even when i dont want to play people insist on drawing me in…


I wouldnt know. My bad. I never had more than 2 conquers, so didnt know that it affects power or score


lol kaen lives to talk shit, EVERY damn thread


Oh it’s so great isn’t it?


It is His solemn duty.