E2 08/31/2017 Good Luck


hey, no gangbanging on BD. Theres too many dudes


girls play battledawn ?!?!?!


No, you should know by now there are no girls on the internet



nopy is awful at chess i beat him at least three times



Nopy is a beautiful creature and i will not stand for this blasphemy


LOL @Gaurav you savage
@BaBaBaBaBane hey man lets play some chess i want to see where i stand :joy:


play me if you want a challenge


So from a E2 discussion,it became a roasting discussion,and then a chess discussion xD

Hat down,had a good laugh in this morning.


we were just about to change the discussion topic to catalan referendum , that now Barcelona and real madrid wont be playing in same league after that and finally madrid fans can enjoy some league wins.
(everything going in the world is relevent to this topic)


i ate some ice cream a few minutes ago

so… yeah


Good man. I can respect that.


E2 looks to be coming to an end. OwK with the win.