E2 08/31/2017 Good Luck


It sure seems like thats all you do, insult and bash SGC lol(which is entertaining when its not the same two ppl going back and forth) and oh yea totally, im sure the forums are a blast now with the same 8 people commenting on all topics for the last couple months
aka kaen seems like a fun lad


yea but this is my community, so i eventually will stumble across all your comments
Dont you want more noobs like me to contribute and talk on forums? Or you want to discourage the community to stay quiet because they dont feel like commenting only to be ganged up on by 4 T members coming to defend each other? I’ve seen that many times. I guess this is how you like the forums, dead and dying.
I want it to be like when the new updated forums came out, everyone was on here, now it’s dead. Cmon vaJina insult me. how im a noob and im a loser for boosting and supporting a game i enjoy and how i dont have an army of friends i can call to plant and spam and jam and farm and idk what else you can pull out your butt lol
i might start a “Roast Uchi” thread i hope ive made enough enemies for it to take off


Im not T first of all and i wonder why you dont have friends… so yeah boost idc but i dont feel need to boost cuz i have friends to help me cuz this is team game not solo but since you suck so much and cant make friends you can boost all you want… idc who is using forum and for what, im gonna post and say whatever i want and you can like it or not idc again…


Ok but like, i honestly dont know you. Heard of you but wouldnt be able to participate since i never talked to you or came across you ingame :confused:


I didnt say you were T, its an example bro
I do have friends, ketan, nopy, anish and AGE alliance
im just not one to ask to plant or for help. Shoot, i dont even do it for others when they ask.
dont you mean you cannot afford to boost? and oh yeah i know you dont have to tell me ive seen your friends by the dozens
and thanks! I did say i want to grow up and be like antrax lol

yeah i can tell you dont care about our bd community, but then everyone goes complaining later that the game is dead and no competition and forums are dead blah blah
You CAN post whatever youd like, youre absolutely right, im just saying sheesh getting booty hurt


KAEN whats ur skype
i def want you to contribute to that thread if i make it
bring the lol’s


I never said i make ppl plant for me…i have team of 9 members what do i need more?? And i dont feel need to boost cuz game is too easy…


Damn youre misreading, I didnt say you make others plant for you, im just saying
Yea with 9 members plus subs plus brothers plus jw friends who wouldnt it be easy for?
and boosting makes the game more fun, for me personally. Has nothing to do with difficulty


I was leading 2 times and i never had subs or any other bro jw alliances to help me… when i played in other alliances where leader had subs and other stuff well thats not my problem i didnt make them leader did so you cant say i have subs when i lead a team once a year :joy:

And ppl are saying every alliance have subs, bros, spammers… where are all that players? How come game is dying if every alliance have tons of subs? And so many helpers and all…where are that players :confused:


umm idk what the second part even means
do not even make the sense to for me… lmfao
this got boring, youre pretty lame cya


its pretty simple but i get it some ppl have hard time understanding simple things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And i hope i dont cya again, got other noobs to annoy me already dont need 1 more


Reread what you wrote dude. lol Yea i just have a hard time understanding your english is all
i really did try to make sense out of it
and excuse me i think im worth maybe 2 1/2 noobs, i know my worth :smiley:


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: There’s the roast right there and y’all missed it.


lol ye
no one caught that but you :grin:


Implying that’s a roast. You all make me sick. Nopy is a pretty dank lad. Great fella.


Dude I KID YOU NOT, he has asked me for my log in info because he claims he’s on 18 plus hours a day. He and TigerClaw account share i was in his alliance and he’d control both accounts during war. We were planning a merge between rank 1 and rank 2 alliance, we were going to take in Dommy and Leboink and he tried CHARGING them both 2k reds each to join us. I was warring him couple months ago, he was locked and going to die, he kicks 3 members, and makes 3 fake accounts and rushes arm units to defend himself. http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/f2-nopy-is-a-cheater/1762
dont get me wrong he’s active tho, and i cant beat him in chess lol. Ive tried talking to him since, trying to let the past go and he kept replying “your so gayyyy xDDD” couldnt even hold a convo with him, or even an arguement like djina


you’re so boring uchi. Dz jokes with you and you start insults for no reason.The limits you go to for attention is beyond me…get a grip boy


right on cue, called it lol
i wonder when the rest of the cavalry is coming to gangbang me
And you mean im bored, not boring im not here for anyones amusement other than mine. Its a game to have fun, yes? had some free time today, decided to check the forums, sprinkle a little salt, banter some, we exchanged blows, so what he dont care why do you?
why cant you be cool like swagger or sas, or even Rob and rayu?


I read gangbang. hi Uchi


Maybe you are not good enough

Dont want to sound arrogant , But i have not yet lost to any BD player in chess , be it simmen , Dz , Mridhun or any other random who just surrendered to me before the game was over :muscle::nerd::v: