E2 08/31/2017 Good Luck


How sad that you didnt died :expressionless: :unamused:

And here i was hoping i wont see your noob face again…


SGC had a reason to quit the era , they gave it to you now its your problem if u want to accept it or not there is no reason to hammer them by saying that its the most common reason and all that BS. I am sure that u guys wouldnt have survived a 4v50 situation, but they tried their hardest and killed an alliance and half so some credit is due end of story


Do you really believe what you’re saying? This is legit a classic example of two somewhst equally matched teams fighting, one team killing the allies of the other, and the second team not considering its dead allies as allies anymore since they arent able to fight anymore. So in the end it looks like a 4v50 because half their alliance stopped trying and used the excuse of not being able to due to itlrl and them not considering their fallen helpers as allies.



I don’t think you can argue there were 2 evenly matched teams, considering that our team was having to deal with Psi’s team, H1N1, KS, 4E and their sub who had planted in the middle of our network and spammed us, and other individual spammers, such as the guy in africa who later joined KS - all at the same time. That’s not ‘evenly matched’.

You don’t have to believe it but I wasn’t able to play once I’d moved to uni due to not having wifi for the first few days, though I had been wanting to quit for days before then and mine and much of the team’s activity was far below its peak by that point, it was a miracle I killed a few armies in africa whilst logging so little.

It isn’t an “excuse”, I genuinely couldn’t play and so rather than waiting for my internet to be ready in a few days I decided that I’d say ■■■■ it and try and quit altogether. (made no difference since the rest of SNOW died not long after anyway). I’m pretty ashamed that I let my team down by losing motivation and then being unable to continue the era but that’s just how it goes, it would be nice for any of the group to be able to actually enjoy the game without being constantly demonised and ganged up on, spammers planted, shat on in the forums by people who aren’t even playing etc
So that’s my perspective. Can’t speak for the rest of my team though.


Most of those things happen for a reason. Like, the reputation people earn by doing certain things. That thing follows them. So, don’t try to say any of your team (except Stark. Hes cute) are innocent. They have each done plenty to deserve that kind of treatment. Karma


There were a moment when you and TG started to attack us together. We lost Africa and got pushed in AA back to SA. We lost 6 armies. At that moment you was winning, pushing in GL then entered in NA while my team was still finishing TG. At that moment, you were winning and was when you started to lose. You had the allies but didn’t know how to use 'em. I had mine and I knew how to use 'em.

You guys started to fight many alliances by consequence of what had happened before. So lets get over it. Was a cool era.


This. Literately this. You talk about wanting to be able to just do your thing…but when everyone else hates your thing, they are gonna do everything they can to shut you down. No one wants to see the villain team win, and yall MADE yourselves the villain team. You owned it while yall were winning. When you were doing great it was cool to be the bad guys.


I heard OwK was inactive this era, how did they win when all team was busy irl? :scream: @Psi all day at
brazilian beach :sunrise: and @leobratce was his slave serving him drinks :tropical_drink:

Only @BaBaBaBaBane was active but he saw era was easy so he went to sleep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Antrax busy with uni :confused:

Well done OwK with so many backstabbs, spammers and inactive players all era you won :clap:


Hmm. With the way he talks and forms his sentences, i never woulda thought he has an education. I might be wrong tho.



It was a joke lol. Antrax is busy with two jobs, classes, and volunteering. Busy dude he is


yes! he is a chef on wednesdays, a school teacher on thursday, day off on friday ( to party ofc). fireman on the weekend. and a train driver on the other days. PLUS he plays BD hard and wins. Whilst we have some people complaining they cant play cos they have uni 2 hours a day. pfft


lol i wanna grow up and be like antrax.


I can’t play because I have 10 hours sleep a day. :slight_smile:


bro why are you on my snapchat? lmfao


hmmm… no clue how I got there 0.o
Charge your phone


Dont charge it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You have a point, less time i have to read your garbage replies with sakries trash responses
i dont even like traj but he sure knows how to insult, and so does alfie #savages


Im not here to insult ppl… and no one is forcing you to read :joy:

And yeah dont charge, forum will be better place without noobs like you