E2 08/31/2017 Good Luck



That was fast :joy: :muscle: :clap:


We all basically quit as of 3-4 days ago (if that wasn’t clear by how quickly we just… stopped trying)

3 people starting University, 1 got destroyed by Hurricanes, 1 more wanting more free time in their last years of Uni, 1 guy just moved halfway across the World, and I’m super-busy in graduate school being a TA… it just wasn’t meant to be. Having that 7-day downtime when the servers crapped out basically killed us.

It was fun ya’ll. I’m still proud with how we played this era and I’m confident we would have won if we tried and/or cared.


You mean you would won if there was no war and just farming map… when real war started you all got inactive :joy:

And you all didnt care but boosted and were active so much??? :joy:



Sakrie, was the entire SGC helping Alfie move? you guys are an amazing team. I wish TMoK all just got together and helped me move to Uni or wherever i go.


Dw i will help you move whereever u go :airplane:


Alfie moved to uni, another guy moved from Italy to London for his first year of Uni, a 3rd UK guy just started his first year of Uni, literally this happened 2 days ago they moved in.

As far as I’m concerned, we won the more difficult war (Right when Psi’s team first invaded Africa, we were facing 3+ teams that we killed off down to 1). This was also exactly when 4E decided to have their fun in Turkey, and we had that spammer guy in Africa that later joined KS. I think that was harder to win from then defending EU would be against an equal size team.


If your team was moving at so many places , i think you guys should have played Pokemon Go instead of Battledawn. Gotta Catch them all !!!


We would have been fine if the era didn’t have a 7-day stoppage in it in the middle…


It didnt stop just for you… and still you couldnt know from tick 1 who will be there and how hard will be so that 7 days are not reason why you lost


You are nothing more than a troll, and not a good one at that.


And you are nothing but a sore loser and really good at that


As I’ve said before, there was only 1 REAL team on E2 the entire era, and that was ‘SGC’. When KS and SUN merged, we became a real team, and your team buckled before we even got to the door.


It’s currently tick 840, had there not been a stoppage, it would be tick 1176. Some era’s relics aren’t even released by then. How can you say you would of been fine had a freeze not happened? You guys really went into this round thinking you would win by tick 1176 and you wouldn’t have to be active anymore? If so, you guys shouldn’t have played in the first place.


GLXY chiming in. We had a long internal debate to choose which side we should support: SNOW or SUN. Ultimately, we chose SUN, because even though SNOW never attacked us, they made SUCC force us out of Europe.


But what is there to kill now??, SGC/Snow is dead


Exactly, the World needs SGC to be around to act as villains :stuck_out_tongue:


blah blah blah no one actually gives to cross about ur excuse :slight_smile: we’ve all had the same or worse and came off better than you guys did. You gotta pull ur socks and fix up. The uni thing is no excuse. You know I have uni upcoming. It’s not something that just pops up. But yet again almost everyone works or goes to uni whilst playing bd so that’s no excuse at all.

GG T :slight_smile: I mean psi and welcome back 4e fam!

Turkey is great btw I recommend u all go there. U all look like u need a tan.


@djina is better than any player that has ever played in or with SGC no doubt about that :slight_smile: I can say that cos I’ve played with and against her.