E2 08/31/2017 Good Luck


SUN vs TG War


God TG was awful


who the heck is NC day?seems like he is taking advantage of SGC and Psi and friends fighting and increasing his power.


Size doesnt matter :joy: :joy: :joy:


hey, fighting is fighting ^^
Just have fun ya’ll! Better than nothing happening! :slight_smile: Getting through the hardships is what makes eras memorable.


Well,so far we all gotta admit it was a pretty fun era to watch. :smiley:


I agree
20 character rules suck


Correction: i was never made into a laughingstock. And i got banned in my first week of playing, like 10 years ago. Isn’t it too long ago? Is there no statute of limitations on that?

I was told that someone was putting false info about me on the forum so im back. May i join this conversation, lads?


Yes feel free to join the conversation Kaen. A true legend returns.


Welcome black ----------------------------


Hey Kaen, can I get 3k reds again for no reason whatsoever and I’ll ignore you again like last time afterwards?


Ignore me harder, daddy :tongue: :sweat_drops:


dosnt matter who is attacking, important is I KILL YOU in the end :joy: :skull:


I was about to post a fresh BR but… Twisted Nether disbanded 50 squads :confused:




Which Adam is playing in SNOW?



whom is The Italian Stallion?


Sylvester Stallone wannabe