E2 08/31/2017 Good Luck


Wth he gonna die in the sun :joy: :joy:


Idk about turkey but i melted pretty bad last night in africa :sob:


Who are u Ig?
20 character rule sucks


@Harvester I’m not even gonna bother to fact check that paragraph. Only thing I agree is that we got lazy in NA, except it was for about 2 days, not a week.

Seriously? 4E and their sub literally planted in the middle of our territory and started spamming us. That is not the same as “getting allies”. You were planning to backstab us with TG, except their leader disliked you so much he said he’d rather go after you - that’s hardly us actively allying with their team.


ı was in TG and TG stabbed psi what are you talking about lol


Last i heard Theo and Toppy quit the era in the middle of war.


Weeeee misinformation everywhere so nobody looks like “the bad guy”!

Literally everybody in here is lying their asses off lmfao


@Alfie I don’t care if you fact check it or not, and that was DEFINITELY more than two days maybe you slept too long and lost count. Laziness already cost you guys this era.



Literally slept next to a gate and nukes within 6 ticks and got out with 20 squads built. Scrubs wearing that scrubsauce right about now


Overconfidence is worse than laziness. SNOW hasn’t lost anything yet. They’ve their armies, huge resource advantage, and still more activity than KS or SUN.

Pull your big boy pants and actually kill SNOW before making comments like these.


All that dosnt matter if they dont know how to use it :yum:


Welp, that’s the last of SUN’s Africa invasion dead.


Too true^


Pls i saw brs of your dead members this era many times :joy:


oh really, can I see them? I don’t remember many br’s


Who? We’ve had one member lose half his army once this era, nothing more. So who?


3 players = 40 squads? They weren’t very big armies eh


Guarav, welcome to one of our eras.

It’s always the age old question of would you rather fight 1 horse size duck or 100 duck sized horses. We always seem to have 100 duck sized horses attacking us at any time.


@Alfie & @Sakrie
Thanks for the BRs, they wouldn`t share it :smiley: