E2 08/31/2017 Good Luck


i can see trajic planted and he is a member of 4E


And i have info he didnt log since he joined :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: he is noob anyway


I never said I wanted a free win, I was just replying to him saying that SUN had joined the war. It always impresses me how you manage to make “crying” and “noobs” comprise about 50% of the words you use


Cuz thats what bd is full of, just saying the truth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Crying about people crying, cry-ception


1000 power advantage…still cant win in a timely fashion.


You lasted about 2 days in Cody’s team no less, hush


RL > A game. I may not like his game play, but he definitely doesn’t just quit.


Yes, so if you need to take a break from an era due to an IRL issue, then it’s stupid to come back two weeks later and try and shit talk another team that actually played the era you missed


Hey now, don’t be telling people who they can and can’t shittalk. This is BD after-all.

This is the same community that turned a legend into a laughingstock for getting himself banned, even though that same guy has kicked everybody’s asses many many times.


I don’t disagree with this statement at all. I was just throwing in an explanation of what I had heard.


Well when you get banned for cheating, your past starts to get examined closer and if your past also had possible cheating allegations. People feel like those accusations become validated. Why is it wrong for the community to have a negative opinion about a possible cheater?


Its Sad how one wrong doing can throw ur reputation out the door


Salt salt salt.

It was more like a lack of active members, it’s hard to fight when we only had a core of 4 good, active players.

Maybe if you weren’t so cocky and actually made alliances with other teams you wouldn’t be in the situation you’re in currently, just a thought :wink:

Also there was roughly a week where you were in NA with a massive power advantage and a nice foothold before everyone jumped in and you STILL didn’t finish us off. You guys could’ve easily pressed and got us, but you didn’t. If your team had the skill you claim it does you should have had us conquered.

Kinda goes back to the same thing I told you when you lost that fantasy era, should have killed earlier. Keep complaining and making bullshit excuses though, by all means!


Classic mistake: Dont finish off your enemies and people start getting lazy and calling it ‘GG’ way too early


Era has basically turned into 50vs10


Yeah, we managed to get some allies and friends for the good cause.[quote=“Annonymu5, post:38, topic:5256, full:true”]
Era has basically turned into 50vs10

Let’s not forget about W0NS and Ot. And… TG which we killed. So the era is as it’s right now cuz of the events that happened. It’s just consequences of all our actions. Let’s not say it just started “now”.
We got more allies? Yeah seems so, but cuz they managed to kept alive and loyal to us.

It’s simple.


he is a noob agreed but there has an another reason about why he didn’t log since he joined. Couse he loves turkish beaches more then turkish team xD


@trajic1 went to Turkey just cuz of the sun? haha


too late ı killed him yesterday :smiley: