E2 08/31/2017 Good Luck


E2 has started a new era. I hear SGC vs SoLD is supposed to be the main alliances going at it. However, SGC either has not shown up or is in hiding. Hopefully other alliances are going for the win or at least make a significant impact this era.


Yeah, I’m currently subscribing on Earth 2 era. This era will be very interesting since two of the best alliances are going to match up for the battle of dominance. Anyway, I’ll be watching around and still waiting if there will be any top team who would adopt me to their alliance to play with. Meanwhile, I found myself enjoying watching the era as it goes on. Let me know if there will be some of you who wanted to adopt me on their team, I would really love to join and learn more how to play with new people and environment. :joy: See you guys around.


sorry for the shitty screenshot… :sweat:


succ is recruiting join us for easy win sgc aint got shit on us :slight_smile: :o:


Sounds like SoLD and HINI are about to war.


SoLD is already at war with snow


Thank you for that update. Very interesting early era, usually its a mistake to fight so early, but perhaps the three leaders know what they are doing.


most eras i see a very early war



There is SoLd , SGC , HINI and also an team TuRT lead by Nopy :slight_smile:


Why arent there anymore updates?
I can see SNOW gaining more land on the map


Hang on , you’ll find some soon xD


BR? I see a large fight went down!



It’s not over until all my units are dead and I’m reduced to 0 workers :smiley:


Looks like the SUN came out to help melt the SNOW. :wink:


Yep, lucky you have SUN, H1N1, GLXY, 4E, 4 E and the individual spammers in our territory to make up for your team’s lack of ability


You just have to love when noobs start losing and crying, never saw normal alliances crying so much when they have 4 teams vs them, they fight and win or fight and lose but dont cry… so crying how there is 192993838 alliances vs you dosnt make you great, killing them makes you great :yum: and where is fun in already dead bd if you dont fight 3 or more alliances at same time(half of them noobs), i hate noobs who want free wins…


Hmmm this turned into a classic SGC vs T


Im not T and im not in E2 but i know what is happening from tick 1, and its not first time noobs cry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: thats why they never win