E1 Who Will Prevail?


I’ve have been playing E1 since tick 1 on the side of ROME. Who do you think will win this era? I personally think Suck is going to win :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the map of the word right now :slight_smile:


This era is honestly amazing.

I am really enjoying to watch it :slight_smile:


I think ROME was great alliance ROME must create Discord @Germanicus


I would play it if it was a 2 ticker, 1 ticker takes too long.


I do not play anything besides 1 ticker because i have a lot on my plate recently.


Africa looks like a Jackson Pollock painting


Hehe, nice observation XD


I think Suck will win! :smiley: and suck sub come second hopefully XD

On another note, I just realised how much nicer the Earth map is compared to Fantasy and Mars. The continents being seperated like that make alliance territory a much more important thing I think, not just endless border expansion across seas which might as well not exist they are so small and inconsequential (buuuut thats just my ranty rant mood ) :stuck_out_tongue:


Since this topic about E1 got open… Why dont whoever is playing paste some awesome brs here :slight_smile:


Judging by the red creeping up into SA, iP is fighting SUCK now too?


Not yet they have kept the peace with us, but its only a matter of time as we do all the legwork killing their enemies.


iP is just killing old enemies who went hide their @sses under their Father’s pants.

QIN - http://prnt.sc/eejxtp and http://prnt.sc/eejy7r

As I can’t post more than 2 links or 1 image.

ROME - http://prnt.sc/eejy09

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SP - http://prnt.sc/eejyis and http://prnt.sc/eejxqe

(Poor Zork, after getting killed was insta kicked from his alliance).


QIN - 4 Members




Lol, poor guys XD. I was there when that happened. I think you are underestimating the reason why we are still fighting and we didn’t just quit when NOOB and iP pinned us down.


lol, @Germanicus is right! Never give up until rest of blood


thanks for the image im from NOOB and i will hunt you down and your cords


LOL, what are you going to do with that? That already has information you and I know :stuck_out_tongue:


iP moving its massive army to attack SP and ROME. SUCK is going to die after ROME and SP fall.


Why you keep saying iP will attack their allies?

We are a team of word, we have naps and deal made. Like I said before, we just going for those who threatened and attacked us.