BR of IP vs SP http://prntscr.com/eg6ftu it was a good fight SP lose the war and most of them left the era


Big hit SUCK vs NOOB http://prntscr.com/eg6gpw

SUCK had a big losestrong text


I guess SUCK did a huge mistake.

They left Africa free to be taken without resistance, relying on their EU team, while they had their squads in a single op in the middle of Africa.

Then they decided to LD a gate and attack another, full CT… NOOB was smarter and relocated one of their member and matching all SUCK squads. Now the best part, Ownage Jr relocated but didn’t put shield, srsly ? 300+ squads vs 200 - and u guys take that fight ?

Dunno if SUCK gave up…


Suck played bad from the get go and relied on boosting to get rank 1 and win war. A good example is the war against TRMP where they lost maybe 2x or 3x the units TRMP did.


Most of SUCK giveup the era im really thinking about IP because PLO left SP when we are war with NOOB and IP at starting when war started IP said PLO was his friend we are not going to attack you later http://prntscr.com/egdhk0 later when they reach africa PLO left and said he was busy in real life well http://prntscr.com/egdj9i after we died he joined in IP i hope NOOB should be careful about IP they may stab you on back


iP won’t stab anybody. With all the negative publicity, PLO’s a friend and actually a good man. Great replacement.

Good luck with era. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish due to real life, my legacy however… That will live on through iP



This era has frankly been great. People had tons of fun, it’s been quite fair and there was a healthy amount of competition and question who would win.

My sincere thank you to any participants - active or inactive, pro or newb, you’ve given a great show. Hope there will be more to see! :slight_smile:


This is so funny OP left his team and started nuke them everyone is jammed http://prntscr.com/eh7xlt


Looks like SUCK has kept on fighting despite the battle loss they had. IP though continues to grow and extend their lead on Noob. Is iP still fighting any alliances?


iP’s enemy list is longer than most may realize :joy: They’ll make clear who’s friendly and who’s not however.


ME and GRB got LD on reilc ROME used 10 ion and still fail to kill us both haha good fight but i hate ROME team because they did even help in war when SUCK and SP are under attack SUCK saved and help ROME when they lose war with noobs after relocate in SA when SUCK died ROME started attacking mines of SUCK they are ROME are biggest loser attacking the team which helped them and save them now they finely died im happy :relieved:


Ouch such few beam units. Good win for MFH


Title must be changed :stuck_out_tongue:
Now its
NOOB vs QIN ROME(in NA), MFH vs QIN ROME (in SA) and TRMP in AA, iP and WIC vs NAD and Ta

Who will prevail?
NOOB or iP?


iP isn’t fighting NAD and Ta.

iP is fighting NOOB and NIB.


Well I think a new war deserves a new thread. If you guys would rather prefer one continuous thread for the era, we can rename this one.


NEW war started :smiley: :smiley: maybe best team win


PEY lose his units for first time :smiley: :smiley:


He lost his units by 2nd time. He fought Panda Panda when war started in Iceland, got ioned like 20 times.
This time he lost connection and was going to kill Sleeper/Azeem, but got ioned 10 times, couldnt turn and died.

War is War :slight_smile:

ps.: I updated the tittle.


WAR is war lose is lose too :D:D


Never look down on someone gracefully accepting a lose mate. It’s a rare thing and should be cherished :joy:
Usually you just get whiners who cry and rage.