E1- Era-49 (Rise of AGE)


Well… I did say active :joy:


we don’t usually get into wars, but when we do, we fight everybody at the same time


Not a sub, but allies okay. :slight_smile:


Still to much blue and neutral for my liking.


Says the guy who sucked ICEMAN’s all era


Okay Mr lets stay neutral in Russia


Blue is such a pretty color though.



hello guys, back to BD after long time , nice to see some old players alive


YUZ got yeeted into the dirt by a bunch of lazy inactive scrubs. Or maybe I’m the only inactive scrub. Ah well.


lets play :smiling_imp:


Tick 383

Reporting live from New Zealand

The war between DRNK and SS got a lot more interesting after two of SS’s top 10 players got banned due to account sharing. Few players from DRNK relocated to USA and took some territory.

Meanwhile NZ almost defeated YUZ and Yaz from NZ joined SS to replace Singh.

Stay tuned for more updates :smiley:


Tick 475
DRNK dies and looks like a big win fr SS.


cheater cheater pumpkin eater congrats SS


Who is “here is senpai”?


Obviously Milan :wink:


final update b4 release of relics.


no discussion for the new era?


Start one Dark! Show the world your exploits


i got exams now bruv best i can do is watch for now…