E1- Era-49 (Rise of AGE)


I know, after such a great era it only goes downhill. But will it really though?

Tick 7


looks like ill be missing this one too.
edit:on second thought i might join at 100 maybe.


Let’s hope this era can at least slightly compete with last era. Here’s to a good era, lads.


Looks like the dust is kicking up. JWer has good control on Africa .FU has good control on Americas. Trol controls AA . YUZ controls Aussie.DRNK controls Asia and Europe. So far no wars but I would love to know if any.


Tick 43 things are getting clearer and the top 5 alliances seem to have established their territories. No major wars that I know of as yet.


dead era
20 characters


Eh, looks like it’ll probably be a 1v1 and whomever wins that battle will win the era. The difference in power between 2 and 3 is pretty significant.


Large battle between number 1 and number 2


Tick 254

The End of a Legend (Rest in Peace Our Lord and Saviour Anish Mal)

Power difference is pretty irrelevant though…

Still, I am glad to see a war. Usually after a cutthroat era like the last, it’s just a snooze for me.


And the rest of YUZ dibanded xD


will the JW teams team up. Will they rule the era? tune into the next episode of Dragon Ball Z to find out.


NO they wont lol


small kill, but yeet. stop picking on teams that are JW :smiley:


Im sure none of those noobs are on forums :expressionless:


probably not, but me posting a BR makes it seem like I’m active…ish. and that you totally don’t have to call me thirty times to wake me up. Totally…


lol im just annoyed they arent on forums not cos u posted their BR. 10/10 for ur efforts apollo :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah they might be DRNKs sub and someone surely leaked some info thats why they attacked us :frowning:


So sad :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


i can assure you, we don’t have any subs lol, we were actually at war with them for a time


small fight