E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Where’s the carnage?

tick 257



Im impressed. Those are some very close scores for around tick 250. In most games you see the top alliance having a 3 times lead over the second.


All top 5 alliances look decently powerful, right? I always get the super fun eras.

All I’m saying is that it’d be nice to get an easy one, every now and again lmao


id love to trade. u can take my boring eras all u want


Is BD down now? Also I love the drama, keep it going.


check the skype group G


So, Hassan and Abdul are both admitting to have had intercourse and made ANJ. Great way to come out of the closet, fellas.


My Sympathies are with you @AverageNoJoe. You have very horrible and neglectful ig parents.



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Fags is a more appropriate term.


That didn’t get censored??
Seems like TS is ok with using the plural word.


Gay for life man
20 chars


20 bucks for the guy with the grinning profile picture :grin:


Meanwhile during the Server downtime Pakistani Solider and Hassan desperately search the web far and wide to find anyone to teach them how to shit talk.


So, while we we’ve all had time to sit and contemplate what went wrong in our lives to lead us all to this moment, who wants to drink some Vodka and throw old bullets at the peasants?



PS trying to meme actually causes me physical pain, it’s that bad.




Lol imagine playing a game that is played by like 40 people and you have a sub alliance. Sounds pathetic and unbelievable, right? Well, it’s not so unbelievable if you’re a member of T.