E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Mannn, did I miss the old second grade insults of the forums. It’s good to see it again. Keep it up lads. I’ll pour out a shot of vodka for the loser. (Not a big shot mind you. Can’t waste it.)


See, we’ve come full circle. As long as we’re all clear on what you are and what you’re doing and you’re not lying about it, we can all be friends… not ( Borat )


@BurningApollo im sorry i shouldn’t have broke that night. please tolerate ANJ stupidities :slight_smile: he just want attention.


Err ANJ how many times i have to tell you i never planted for PS. praxis is like a brother to me as well. now you will say i planted for praxis as well? dude wtf? do you even have a brain?

If i have good relations with someone that doesnt mean im there for them. stop making excuses you planned to attack us and you took the ops thats why i got involved. learn to admit your mistake instead of speaking bullshit.

Im done with you bruh, you won i lost. now i understand why dusk left you guys because you guys just suck so much.


the ■■■■ he is talking?


Actually everywhere PS PS PS PS
Aww all these lovers
CODY is a big fan of me @Hassan_Shakoor
Let him bork stay quiet silence is the best reply to fools thats why i wont talk anything either on forums or bc
He sucks let him
Chill hassan


I even have screenshots on A planning to invade AA lol :joy::joy:


Ah let the broken English rage posts begin…


No you don’t, Abdul. Not from anyone worth talking about and definitely nobody from A ( unless they were someone we booted… and in that case, is that information even reliable? ) has ever talked about invading AA. That post is only going to make every one of us in A chuckle at how BADLY you were obviously mislead


Trust me ill troll u on forums with memes all year youll regret posting then :slight_smile:


yes that would make sense, you are just a meme to me.


You call your dad a meme? :joy:



You need help lmfao

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I do think its kinda ironic that ANJ accuses Hassan of being a PS lackey, and then PS comes in to defend Hassan haha


Thats what family do excel :slightly_smiling_face:

i would do the same but that have nothing to do with the attacks again :smiley:

Plus im done writing here.


This is how the forums used to be earlier?
Damn this is nice.

Grabs Caramel Popcorn


whenever we aren’t drowned out by SM :sneezing_face:


Yeah, bring it on.
I’m enjoying this flame wars, reminding me of the old times.

Btw I’m interested in seeing the screen shot of message which PS claims to posses which says that A was planning to invade AA.


It nourishes and sustains me