E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Hey i got those 100 tokens he sent in game


pic or it didn’t happen. :stuck_out_tongue:


Impossible, your memes were subpar.

Didn’t even use the Morpheus meme right


EF leader wanted me to post that their reasoning for invading Africa with AK was because they believed T and A were planning on invading AA together, and that A had taken some EF ops near Africa to begin with without discussing it.

Im just the messenger dont shoot


Then they have nobody to blame but themselves for believing false information.

Our information says they’re PS lackeys and here to support him no matter what, and that they planned to invade Africa even BEFORE OCS were dead, just waiting for the opportunity for them to clean JAM and A to get weaker.

Obvious lies are obvious.

Not to mention we even had a NAP with AK, so…

Tell Hassan he isn’t fooling anyone.


Ok guys cut his head off and send him back to EF


You’re right, no amount of diplomacy can fix a human centipede. ^

and when he realizes he lowkey admitted to being a PS lackey, he turns 10… or retarded. ^


ANJ you speak like you know me and my alliance. stop spreading false information and making yourself look like a fool. every alliance in the world know im a seperate alliance, i dont have to tell you that to proof it. i didnt even know if PS is playing, ask old JAM leader (Dropy) if you want to when he send a message to me http://prntscr.com/ljun7o. he was the one who told me PS is playing then only i messaged PS and asked him. and as far as A is concerned https://prnt.sc/li378k its here and the ops they took without discussing anything. i dont have to speak anymore to make myself clear. Next time make sure you think before spreading the false information and put the blame of your own silly moves on someone else.


Ooooh so you decide to brown nose only after the beginning of the era! Makes sense, makes sense.

Not like BD needs more people killing each other or anything.

You and PS both make me laugh trying to play hidden by having others speak for you.


Are you my boss or what? that i have to explain this to you as well why im hidden? you are no one who i have to tell each and everything, refrain from poking your nose in other’s bussiness. or should i say no one at your home actually gives you attention that you love to seek here on BD? :slight_smile:

Behave next time and just dont do silly Broadcasts.


You sound extra goofy lmao, how is it NOT my business when you’re both trying to gang up on lil ol’ us?

All I’m saying is, you’re a brown nosing rat and you play like one. How do you get 20 colonies to invade 10, with over 200 squads total, and still only take 5 OPs?

If you or PS want some respect, play with 1 team to win, and ACTUALLY win.


Cortana, play a sad tune for EF’s skill.


I have a life unlike you Mr.ANJ. we were a watching alliance unless you guys thought oh lets go invade AA. EF is a easy target :slight_smile: and dont forget its 1 ticker. thanks to your team who are really active and stopping us and you are speaking like you are something :slight_smile:

And for the record i have won many eras as a single alliance. once again i dont have to proof it to you since you are no one who i have to tell each and everything. and i will say one more time you dont even know me buddy. You are speaking like you know me and only believing what others are saying to you when none of them are really true.


You dont have to ‘proof’ anything to me ( I didn’t realize google translate took a millennia to load ) bud, i can see with my own eyes that if you’ve won anything, it’s a dang shame lmao.

I do have a life, it just tends to be filled ridiculing lackeys and brown nosers who dont have the decency to play for themselves in this age of dead BD. It’d make sense if it was back in the golden age but now? Really? Ha. Pathetic

Bro nobody wants AA but you guys cuz you’re crazy. Shoo with that dumb logic


Oh I have missed threads like this


alfie smelled the forum BM and came running haha


Oh thats why you were asking T to attack us seems legit, now when i have posted proofs here you are saying this. i understand. its your own fault you got us involved now stop making excuses else think before doing silly moves and then saying “Oh look PS have another team” its not like you take ops, plan to attack and when it fails. you start talking like this. shows how much great is your leadership. i feel pity for the guys who lost against such a leader. :smiley:

Learn how to lead MR.ANJ and stop making yourself look like a fool here.


But… I’m not even the leader you goof…

I suppose if you stick your head JUST far enough up PS’ butt, you see some light from his throat


My only regret is not saving 15% or more on car insurance by switching to Geico.


See, you really messed up man. No excuses. Do better.


Thats true PS is like a brother to me guess you dont have one? plus if i come to you and say “Darling your wife is sleeping with someone” im sure you wouldn’t just believe it or would you? ill go with second because you are stupid af as you are already showing it to me.