E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


There arent top alliance anymore


i expect them to pop up soon.previous era it was like tick 120 this time it could be late.


So now it seems there’s a war going on. AK and EF vs A. I honestly don’t know if T will be involved or not. RM seems content to just hangout in Russia and drink Vodka all day. Post BR’s when they show up, lads!


AK Invasion Force

EF Invasion Force

Just in case they get wrecked…


Alexa all the best.


Updated Map, tick 218


Looks like the invasion is rather slow…


What do you expect, PS sucks :stuck_out_tongue:


Wonder how A is gonna be able to handle South Africa and GL. Will Iceman and H2W crew hold Greenland for a bit, while the majority of A goes to defend Africa? This era really is interested, and good on y’all for making it fun!


It’s 1 ticker. It happens when we do play lots of 3 tickers, I’m already bored watching E1 lol


If only a certain someone had access to Africa. :roll_eyes:


Tick 234!

While Josh is hibernating in russia, ill post some updates!

AK and EF have obviously crossed into Africa in a coordinated attack. It’s been around 24 ticks since AK have landed, and they are attempting to push in and gain a beachhead, but A is defending pretty well so far with not too many ops lost. No kills to be had yet. On the southern front, EF has been having more trouble, and doesn’t seem to have made a lot of progress, however they did land several ticks after AK.

There is also some fighting in GL as A attempts to defend their flank from this chokepoint. I believe H2W is helping A in this defense as well in GL.

T has sprung into 1st place after picking up some escaping JAM players. They have not entered the war on either side yet!

RM is napping all cuddled up with Josh.





Also, H2W is not in the war at all.


Thank you! Someone getting a kill. Nice job fellas


whoops my bad! thought i saw someone in the big skype chat mention H2W


RM’s current decision to just hibernate and watch is kind of a suprise to me, but seeing the map it looks like they can hardly do anything. But they can surely advance up to northern Africa, or if T joins the EF coalition attacking A, then maybe RM joins

But I’m hoping RM’s current move doesn’t prove costly for them later ahead in the era.

But it would be fun to see RM,T,H2W and AGE to actively participate in war.
It would be a memorable world war.

Wish I could continue playing, but unfortunately some RL matter made me quit this action pack era.


Nope. We’re drinking vodka and counting our bullets. Stop bothering us.


I prefer whiskey actually.


Horlicks is much better imo.

And whatever happened to the memes.


Yeah Alex, we were sold false goods. I never heard of anyone getting that 100 blues and I sure could buy an energy boost so i can keep berating the enemy on BC!