E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Just for viewing pleasure; all the maps in gif form so far.


Updated tick 122



Let’s take a moment to admire that AK AA infrastructure.


XD definitely took waaay more than a minute
they obviously have some clear goal in mind, my guess is, to kill OCS member who is there
They going after Jam (venom) wo relo’ed to the edge to the map


I think you mean JAM guy over in the corner


ha ha yep yep


Would be sad if someone were to take those ops before full control


Updated tick 134


Looks like both JAM and OCS are out of the picture now.
JAM has fallen to rank 7 with a majority of their members conquered by AK (who now owns SA and most of NA). Some of JAM has flee’d to the west in NZ and AA and AK looks to be chasing them. Whether or not it was with the permission of T is still under question. It’ll be interesting to see if T steps up to protect JAM in their new hide away from AK.
OCS has practically disbanded now. Seems the pressure from A in Africa was too much for them to handle.

In other news, A’s strongest member Dusk has left them and there are broadcasts from T stating that he will be joining them instead. With the new addition of Dusk soon to come, AK and T alliances will likely both be closely matched in power scores with A and RM not to far behind them.

With OCS practically down, it’ll be interesting to see what A will get up to next.

RM are currently sleeping in Russia it seems, not currently warring with any other teams on the map.

EF seemingly are also sleeping in AA, not notably warring any other team on the map at this moment.


Hmmm things should start to get interesting.


What’s up with Dusk leaving A? Wonder what that’s about


Well he is under T protection, but not idea why he left A.


The members of the OCS disbanded because a merger was planned.
Sylphrena, Jaremir and MewMew from OCS will be replacing Me,1 and Dusk in A.

Unfortunately I have some RL issues which requires me to leave the era midway. So I initiated the merger between OCS and A.

Seeing the good round with healthy competition it was in the best interest that the most actives of OCS replace the dead weights of A.

One thing I’m glad to see in this round is that if not all but few of the teams have good composition of Pros, intermediates and noobs, and I hope his round achives the aim of our faction event to involve noobs and intermediates to get them exposure.



Tick 153



Someone tell me where Excel is.
I wanna plant and spam somebody :slight_smile:


Tick 184



No new wars in E1? boringg


I predict there is a certain team that will do something really irresponsible and start a war soon


Everyone should team up vs OwK. They’re the clear frontrunners here.


@G all eras with no top alliances playing are boring.