E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


I’ve been clean since almost 4 days now, not much I know but feels amazing nevertheless :slight_smile:


And since we are trying to reach 1k posts

Edit: I was gonna continue in another post but apparently new users are limited to just 3 posts per thread (like wtf) smh


That’s why they have an edit button u know so it doesnt look like you are talking to yourself and edit the post to add anything :wink:


Went ahead and moved you up to level 1 so you aren’t restricted


With Ice supporting ya’ll and the amount you guys were already boosting, I wasn’t going to let a chance for a TB and massive amounts of boosting/sending res to occur. I also didn’t think gating 5k tanks across the SA to African border in less than a minute was very do-able, but welp, we saw how that went!


@Gaurav thanks man

@Malicewolf I get ya but he had 1 near me too and all our armies were in Eu or Af, ah well, it was fun while it lasted xD


Arise dead chat. Get to 1000 soon.


Leero biggest noob out


Its time for you to write a book faker.


imagine how much more i would have posted if i was in a team that was fighting the whole era :confused: we could be at 2k posts with how many people i would antagonize


Make BD great again June 2019. lets all come back for another amazing era XD


I read most of the thread but i’ll finish it one day :wink:

I’m here to help get 1k post so here you go

Video Summary :stuck_out_tongue: Era was fun to watch xp


Dayuummmmmmmm that was good


In one screen u see RM 1st and next u see CwL first… magic. cough beggars cough


Keep going with your awesome work
Nice video. :slight_smile:
#Contribution to 1k
Ready to hook up for another e1 in 2019 after some months.


one amazing era(been reading).If there is another CE that is what it would look like.


#make me admin of e1


Thought @EnerGY was gonna be admin of E1, no?


#make me admin of e1


Still haven’t touched 1k posts? Daym!