E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Unfortunately I made two mistakes this era, one that cost me 11 squads to Bird.(If it looks like a bait, smells like a bait, it’s probably a bait). I can’t remember who sent out those initial 10 to bait me but gg to them, thank goodness I had the other 12 on delay or it could have been a lot uglier. And a second when I forgot to turn a squad eot. So nearly a flawless era, next time will be better (y).

Will be going on vacation today so I can’t be bothered to best ya’ll with words. (If there’s anything that even needs to be said, haven’t even read above). Low key just contributing to the post number. Righto ciao, we won, unlucky kiddos


pfft I made no mistake this era, get gud m8


This made me break my exile for 1 reply,

Ofc u didn’t make any mistakes, U were being micromanaged by Josh and Ricco.:stuck_out_tongue:


Wow Im actually offended :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn’t that useless that I had to be told everything I needed to do :stuck_out_tongue:


But was it really all that sensitive? :stuck_out_tongue:

and I like to pose myself as the humble weakling when I’m talking diplomatically. People love to feel good about themselves

PS I’m not angry! I’m just passionate :3


And both sides were not happy why i never consented to struck the deal between them.

Whose clothes would have been ripped if either side broke the deal. :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of providing misinformation, I actually did order RM to let oil savers fly in the air every once in a while to make us seem more inactive than we were (hoping someone would declare war on us thinking we’d be easy).
HOWEVER, I did one time accidentally let my oil saver’s fly by accident :joy: I took a nap with intent to wake up in 2 ticks and about 5 later, my oil savers were in the air :rofl:


Only confirms that you guys were actually inactive if no one noticed that and called you :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, i did get called and messaged. Even by other teams :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Honestly (we need to reach 1000 posts!!) I feel like the real winner is everyone who played this awesome era, and took part in a great era and contributed it by being there to have fun together opposed to winning one of the much easier ones in less time and much less effort.

I think everyone who in some way had fun this era can feel awesome. I hope we’ll have another soon :slight_smile:

A lot of people can be argued to deserve the win, I don’t think many people are particularly bothered by who of them gets it.


(contributing towards the 1000th post)

I will win this current Earth 1. Glad the teams from last era arent here. Thanks, and had a blast reading the thread. We need more of this


I feel proud reading this :sunglasses:


I do not know why I keep coming back to BD, skype and this forum.


I’m so disappointed with me or maybe with my life?
Everytime the eras turn interesting something happens in RL and I need to quit it midway, whether it be this E1 last E1 or G3 event era in the recent times to name a few.


Wish i played this era, reading it was so good.


Something I have often learned through playing. If YOU are the one to be the competition, it very often leads an era to become interesting. Just give it your all, even if the going get’s rough. Because when an era becomes interesting, THAT is when folks start planting to check things out. And THAT is what leads to the era having more interesting outcomes late era. Too often, folks die and just give up and move to the next era where the competition is less. Find 1 era and give it your all. Sometimes you’ll find it ended up being an easy era, but eventually, you’ll get someone else coming around who will give you a run for your money :wink:


Bump…(Alex cant stop me now :smiling_imp:)


or u can be honest and tell , me and you on the same server never endsup dull. (self boasting)


I mean, technically that is true :wink:

Funny enough though, the last few I’ve played where you have, we’ve been allied and not fought :smiley:


Best msg I’ve read so far, lol

I gave my everything this era and glad we came out on top, love, hate, I’ll take everything in my stride, if we did give reds to kk we did it after same was done onto us by people directly or inderctly , in any case, gist of the matter is , it was a fkn awesome era and after being almost sure that we were gonna loose we won & that’s amazing, shout out to the admin (for not extending the era despite all the hate and ranting), syl, guardian (who was never gonna give me his xtals, we were just messing with each other’s alliance mates till josh got all paranoid and put out the order to take my op -_- ) and everyone from all teams including players of AGE xD
Cheers folks and glad eventually the game won (& me too, ha ha)
Take care