E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


even when i wrote twice that its not your fault that u didnt knew about an alliance as u arent a regular on E1 and still u get offended by it , seems u just need a reason to get offended even after the other person is saying that he understands that u wont have know idk what to say. Goodluck making up your assumption stories then.


Ps single handedly has more kills than all of your combined malice


That actually made me laugh sorry :joy::joy:<3


Just clarifying this as well, PS only ever contributed (spam’s included) to one relic, as we only actually ever took one relic properly (i.e from admin). Just getting in before someone goes on saying blah blah inflated stats due to many relic kills :stuck_out_tongue: (The reverse can’t be said though)


Thanks malice for giving us the MVP

Funnily enough we had a lot of internal discussion on what to do prior to being pushed out of NA. We had to many people missing over the holidays and it put a nail in our coffin. We legit had two people, some of our most active in completely different countries or states for weeks during the holidays. Me and scipio were the only ones around for over a week piloting and retreating everyone.

AK’s helper alliances did carry them, if not for TC trying to suicide and building specifically to kill us we would have pushed AK back HARD, as we already were even despite their help. They had no ability to skirmish or defend ops. They were to brain dead to do anything but send a bigger arrow at us.

We unfortunately weren’t boosting as much as AK we had most of the mines and probably among the most conqs most of the era but despite that every loss took us twice or thrice as long to bounce back from as AK. Only sylph continued to boost post first 200 ticks I blitzed 80 conqs in a few hundred ticks and was the only reason I kept up with him, but by Christmas they started to deleting leading to me being unable to move my army without others oil.

Also @Malicewolf our op blirtz in asia was because we had an internal challenge to see who could get the most ops, I couldn’t stand being at the bottom so blitzed deleted conqs and built a ton of ops, had over 100 mostly in Asia just myself by tick 600 or so, and scip and laeyo couldn’t stand for that XD. Was never an aggressive move, we were never in the position. Africa screwed us, we were surrounded and had no respite to take the course we wished, we merely followed the river and where it took us. If we had placed anywhere else this may have been our era.


think its clear Faker carried noobs this era :slight_smile:
he does it all the time cough SKT is dead cough


I would not like to discuss with you at this point but I would like to add that once h2w started on KK we brought full force against you and you were already getting pushed back.TC getting involved made it a bit fast


I could also point out, as soon as RM hit EF, AK completely floundered in Africa against A. Yes, KK also joined in, but I recall you losing about half of Africa before KK stepped in. KK merely put the nail in the coffin there. If it weren’t for myself pissing Devin off which forced RM to fight KK, I was going to step in against TC as the sides became unbalanced again.

As for Excel’s points. Eh, you can think whatever you wish. Just stating the reality of the situation from my point. And honestly, both Felipe and G knew A weren’t “with” us as well. Both HAD to step in to ensure A didn’t hit RM before they stepped onto the battlefield. I can see how AK might think BIRD might hand over, but G 100% knew they weren’t with us. The whole reason we both pushed our attacks on H2W back was because of our unsurety with A’s allegiance as rumors started spreading that A would team with AK and hit RM. However, AK was no doubt the “easier” team to boost to beat RM as they had helper teams collect relics and crystals for them.

The reality is, the only way G would be able to turn things around for RBL would be to turn sides. If he wanted to hit RM, he had to side with H2W. Otherwise, H2W would continue to kill them and BIRD was in no position to help him. HOWEVER, my point was if the world believed that “AK deserved the win for fighting the most” then I think that goes to BIRD instead. AK fought a lot, but required help at every turn. BIRD received a bit of help, but it ended up being purely due to diplomatic circumstance, not because they planted multiple teams to save them.


To be honest, some of us veterans actually have some self respect and refuse to be another alliances lackey x.x You plant for yourself, not others. You shouldn’t really speak FOR us, you know? Especially when you don’t even know any of our thoughts.

Never would have handed over anything to anyone without them fighting us first. You speak a lot for someone who was just a bystander most of the era

Edit: for clarity and hindsight sake, A did talk to AK about letting them into EU and letting them attack RM, but we specifically said we wouldn’t get involved. ( Which may have been a lie and we planned to attack AK in the back anyway, but that was down the road after we saw how it went :slight_smile: ) We were quite frustrated with Josh’s “Let’s make the era fair in a war game where there is no fairness” so wanted to just be out of it and make RM fight for themselves instead of using us as a buffer


Double Post

Mad respect to Josh for the MVP


Oh? Triple post then! Let me help.

Bull crap :stuck_out_tongue: if it weren’t for TC rushing 150+ squads into our back line while we pushed you on the front line, you would have continued to lose NA.

Your anti chassis and boosting made you able to stand on the field with us, but AK tactics were APPALLING. “Let’s just mass and send at stuff! even empty OPs!”

If the war had ever been fair, you would have lost it in time, that’s a fact. I love that at least someone saw that AK had their hand held all era by all their little helpers, and G/ICEMAN helping them end of era is just the icing on the proverbial cake.


Aside from what Joe said, you also only ever pushed during the holidays when most of our team was away and you guys don’t have thw same holiday obligations to attend too, and of course you push, but might I add it was pretty much only TC who pushed AT all, you guys went no where. You talk a lot of smack, but your mass boosting and cuck alliances like TC and H2W saved you, at EVERY single step. Learn to play better.


Even on top of that, apparently Psi had originally been planted in Africa to attack us too. That’s why PS and Co were so butthurt when Psi killed TC with us


Can’t play more active than 3 of you
Learn to play better haha
Learn to play fair :slight_smile:
And whatever we won doesn’t matter whom malice gives the MVP to bye. :joy:


Yea, we knew about the talks. Cause KK was in talks with H2W about hitting RM (but KK was also in talks with us about merging, so they were giving us info as well and that bit leaked).

And honestly, yes, we totally used you guys as a buffer to stay out of the AK war at first. RM’s placement ended up being a godsend because KK were protecting our south by default and you were protecting our west. Folks HAD to get through you to get to us and all 3 of us were pretty aggressive with not stepping over hive boundaries. At the same time though, I think A knew RM would step in if anyone pushed them past Africa as it would become a threat to us as well.


No problemo :slight_smile:



I’m a dishonest person. I hope you didn’t take any of my words for truth :3 I merely say what I suspect you want to hear to lead you to a conclusion I want you to reach.

That is BD politics, at its core. Perhaps you’re too accomplished in the butt hole cleaning department instead of the Suave Liar department? :3


Bleh (20 characters)


crazier things have happened in bd than veterans with self respect handing over relics to an an ally to screw over an enemy. And you guys like to get hung up on stuff i never said. I never said you were going to, i said you could have easily handed them over, and that AK would be mentally handicapped if they didnt think you would if you could and take precautions to win despite it.



the angry member giving out too much information/intentions while almost ranting and then it turns out to be directed misinformation is far too high level for the current state of bd smh anj