E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


BIRD could have easily given xtals and relics to yall, and then simply didnt because it wouldnt have mattered. and if they fought WITH you and you both put pressure on them with all the ticks left you may have won, but def would have had a far better chance.

By the time the era was closing A was in absolutely no position to win. they were rank 4/5, and were on your side. no one would ever think or believe they would stab you, and there was no way they would win the era even if they stabbed successfully and somehow killed all of RM with no losses. and its not like i wanted to see cwl win (cuz they suck and r noobs), but i would rather see them on top than you guys. Saying A could have been handed the win with RBL and a couple E farms help is beyond ridiculous


That’s not actually true. We had no intention of taking BIRDs xtals or relics, and we let Sylphrena take Fluffs xtals because CwL were always gonna win with H2W and KKs xtals.


thats fine if you never had any intentions, but no one would ever believe that. if BIRD had the chance to ■■■■ over AK by handing over relics/xtals, AK would have to be mentally handicapped not to think they would. and remember, KK handed over xtals for reds after your team tried to pay for them first :confused:


After we were fighting for 1000 ticks, thought they might have hated us enough to give xtals over. That obvs become apparent they weren’t, but at tick 1200 or so we made plans to ensure that if they did, we would still come out on top. (Hence the merge). Once the plan was made, KK ended up giving over xtals, and so did rbl, both of whom’s we did not plan of having. Fortune smiled on us I guess


Yeah AK made absolute sure of the win, and yeah I didn’t even know about the offered reds till Faker shed light on the matter. Anyways in the end for me it wasn’t about who deserves it, because whoever comes out on top must have done something right to get there and therefore “deserves” the win. I was just really intrigued by how the era played out cos its the first time in a while we got 8 competitive teams.


not bad for a dead game


Lol, we had no intention of asking for a handout. I ain’t PS :stuck_out_tongue:

And honestly, up until BIRD killed chooha, we still weren’t sure if BIRD was going to hit us. While you are “sure” they were on our side, we were sweatin if they’d hit us too. They’d be the ones to break the camel’s back if they did. No way we could of held out if they hit us on our inner territory while h2w, RBL, and CwL moved in. And they would have been the most likely ones to get our crystals in that scenario and be boosted to an easy 2nd rank.

Sooo, no. It wasnt “obvious” BIRD would side with us. In fact, their best case scenario for their own rank probably would have been to gangbang us and reap the rewards at the end. H2W, RBL and CwL wouldn’t have enough time to get to them.

Not to mention the constant chatter I heard bout BIRD members also being mad RM was in 1st. Lucky for me, BIRD had proud members who held their honor above the need to win.

Also, saying “no way” to win after CwL more than doubled their score through handouts is kinda silly. Take away about 300-400 crystals from CwL and put them in BIRD, then put RM’s 300 as well and its pretty easy math. RBL handed about 150 crystals to CwL. Leel handed about 90. KK handed about 150 as well. Even if H2W and CwL merged, BIRD could have come out on top.


(prolly my last forum post for a long time)


I dont think A ever came to RMs rescue or anything like that , A just kept defending from AKs attacks and followed them when they moved deeper in As territory which A had been doing for past 1000+ ticks. Dont think it was anything special for RM. A never attacked any alliance for the sake of RMs victory. No hard feelings josh u never came to save me from white witch last era , no narnia help for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


You and BIRD gay. (20 chars)


You single handedly died as many times as our combined lost armies through the entire era :joy::rofl:


Yes my bad didn’t plan to play this era played it using puffin throughout couldnt put much focus :slight_smile:
But nice kills you got there from those 3 relics a good combined 3k :joy:
And your combined kills equal to my total kills :slight_smile:


Good for you that u didnt even try computer browsers , everytime i tried to login from a computer browser it would kick me out after even 3 minutes.Its like

Bane : Lets login and play
BD server : No get the hell out of here (kick me out)
Bane : (Logins again) But i wanna play
BD server : (Again kick out) Dont u understand simple english get out means out , leave me i dont want people to play this game
(After a few more tries and getting kicked out and raging at Alex to provide a fix but not much help in long term)
Bane : Hello Puffin my old friend
This era was unplayable for me from computer , without puffin idk how i would have survived.


Just 87 more replies to a 1000 replies guys…


shout out to faker, fluffeh, and krazy. ya’ll stood out this era.

another shout out to Praxis and Salty. wish we couldve ended the era together. but i am glad one of us got in top 10.


I mean obviously you can speak with certainty by knowing your exact relations with BIRD, but to everyone on the outside once they relocated to japan it seemed quite clear to everyone else that you were strong allies that would stand against everyone else, and I was talking to people in RBL, HTPU, KK, and CWL. Like I said to yaz as well, it would be ridiculous for CWL not to assume BIRD would hand over xtals and relics if they could lose if BIRD did so. Also like I said to yaz, it was a failure of your diplomacy that RBL sided with CWL after fighting H2W for days. They didn’t just side with them for no reason, and siding and handing xtals over to BIRD would also be kinda ridiculous since they could just hand those over to you. Please dont try to pretend like BIRD was a real option to anyone outside of RM/BIRD.

So all I need to do is write 44 more posts baiting RM to respond/explain why they deserved peoples support after sitting all era doing next to nothing? GG EZ


shoutout to the babe @Shibu885 for not dying as a newbie in prob the best era of the year


A/AB/BIRD handing over the crystals to any team on the map could only be assumed by people who havent played a lot on E1 , for anyone else who has been on E1 for last 4-5 years would know that Svalbard hive has been home to me and my various alliance mates Merc/7CAV/MFIX/AB/A for all these years and we have never ever traded crystals even refused to handover relics during era end on a few occasions and died for it , but never handed the crystals. Again as i said Anyone who doesnt play E1 a lot wont know and for Excel i sure know how much he hates 1 tickers :heart: so easy to assume he wouldnt know much about the teams there . So just to clarify Japan was a secondry hive incase we wont be able to defend Svalbard hive which happened cause one of our teammate wanted to force relocate a conquer there before AK army landed but he didnt see that the op got nuked a few ticks ago and the hive fell in the hands of AK. and Japan being the secondry hive we started relocating there to which as much i remember some RM and KK members messaged our relocating members “Atleast a headsup before relocating into our territory??” , and yeah even remember RM attacked our 9-10 ops stating they were in russia and members wanted to immediately hit their ops in saudi/ europe to make things even but AK always had kept us busy with them all the time so that wasnt an option unless we planned to fight on 2 fronts again.

(A shoutout to all the past and present svalbard alliance mates Slin, Ru, Dmax, Kart, Mridhun/Joker/Jackass , Hath, Lamp , SNS , Eddie Mora , Cold , Romeo, Yixil, Andres, Angel , Anonymous , Hitmo , Bilal, Djina, TJ , Dodgeas, Lucifer, Everett, Roy, Herman , Sow2 , Justin , Mafia, Mrillion , Rhino , Shibu, Usta, Youseffkh ,Kiarash, Mr X sorry if i forgot anyone )


@Alexander who ended up winning the meme competition ?


ah ur right everyone should have researched the last several years of E1 competition, and asked about every specific team that had ever played and their tendencies about handing over xtals/relics.

also its not like you could ever make an exception to this rule, and lamp was leading ur alliance anyway (so ive heard) so its not like she could make the decision for you all anyway