E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Why do you lurk on the forums but not play anymore!?


Because I have a life but I still can enjoy some good drama when I’m not involved. Random niche-community internet drama is the best drama.


i only died at beginning era lmao. i have less losses then you :joy:


Didn’t you suicide into h2w towards the end of the era? and lost a lot in that KK vs AK fight?


no, everyone else in WC died, i still had 250 tanks left. and the fight with CwL while in KK i still had 100 tanks left. and we won the fight if you dont remember. so. better take your advice :slightly_smiling_face:


He was infantry then maybe glitches haha


@Malicewolf im waiting


Alrighty, time for my book now I guess on the era and it’s progression as promised.

So to start off, I said it before, but many of you still seemed to have believed I placed with intent to win. This was not the case at all. I only planted to watch and teach originally. I left my alliance open and made a broadcast for anyone looking to learn to join me. My mistake was using such an obvious alias (malicewolf spelled backwards). I was hoping it’d be enough for most folks to simply overlook and allow me to teach some relatively newer players. I went to sleep and woke up to find Celene, Adrian, Klesh, and Neutron in my team (along with alex1, murkoff, and shotfuse as well, whom were newer players). I really didn’t think too much of it as I still had half a team of newbies and with the others here, I figured I could take it even easier as they could also teach. Little bit later, Shibu joined me as well as Leero. (so now it was a 4 to 6 ratio of new and experienced players).

Pretty early, some strong players in Russia joined T and thus escalations arose between us. Butterfly Effect was leading at that point and we began to attack one another. Sadly, the members who were on the border between us were the new players (alex1 and Shotfuse).

Alex1 was new and non-responsive to us. He was doing well at first, but then he logged in when being attacked and didn’t bother to do any defenses or even move anything. So when he was conquered, we replaced him. Can’t teach folks who won’t talk. He was replaced by Matt.

Shotfuse was active, but unwilling to listen to my advice (wouldn’t send a spam to gather intel and said he’d rather save the 100 metal for defenses and just do a scan). After basically my entire team told him my way was the better way, shotfuse didn’t log back in. Once again, can’t teach those unwilling to be taught. So he was replaced by Yaz after a bit.

Murkoff was new and willing to learn though. He was a bit slow to learn, but was willing to listen. Sadly though, after our war with T was already done, he messaged me to say he was no longer able to play and wanted to be replaced (then left my alliance and went into vacation mode). We replaced him with Ricco.

So with that, we went from a team of half newbies to a team with 1 newbie and 9 experienced players. T called for a ceasefire with us so they could assist A against OCS as OCS was skyrocketing in power, even though they weren’t making much progress in Africa. However, right after this decision was made (maybe within 50 ticks) OCS disbanded and merged with A. However, because I’m stupid, my ceasefire agreement with T was to match the ones I gave AK, JAM, and A earlier. NAP till tick 500 (and it was like, tick 100…). So now I found we were sitting in Russia bored as all the main contenders were NAP’d with us and I don’t like to go back on my word when I give NAPs.

However, at this point JAM was pretty much dead from AK and the remnants were fleeing into NZ. I knew this would likely pull AK over onto our side of the world (but I thought AK would pursue JAM into Aussie and NZ). To my surprise, AK decided to call war against A instead to prevent them from spreading into GL. It was also around this time that some of my members started to come up to me to tell me that Gage (JAM member) had asked them to join me. This included Klesh, Adrian, and Celene. Neutron was also brought into Gage’s group chat when Gage saw he joined RM. Of that group, Yaz and Matt were also pulled in by members who were part of this group. They proceeded to tell me that Gage’s original plan was to infiltrate my alliance, however they did so without realizing it was me at first and decided they would stick with me instead. To be precise, this was Adrian, Neutron, and Celene whom came forward. Klesh actually never stepped forward to tell me anything about this, which also lead me to believe Klesh could be a potential spy. But regardless, I didn’t really care as, once again, my goal at this point was still not to win the era.

JAM at this point had started to merge into T to create KK. A good portion of the original T team were replaced and put into the sub while JAM members primarily took over to form the new team. However, at this point, Praxis took over and I had begun to go into talks with him to re-discuss boundaries and such. Talks were good and we had a pretty good understanding with one another.

AK and EF had now started to invade Africa from 2 fronts against A. Praxis and I both saw that A was getting pushed back and knew that if AK broke through, both EF and AK would turn their attention to us after A died. So we both decided to step into the war to help. KK had a NAP with EF though and RM had a NAP with AK. So even though it was super inconvenient for our teams, we decided to attack the teams we were not NAP’d with. RM would fight EF and KK would help push AK out of Africa. That was the plan and we had both set basic plans to step in and help A, even if they didn’t want us to go into Africa (because it was also our safety at risk if AK got a true hold on Africa). Then the DDoS attacks happened and it threw us off a lot on our timing.

Forward like, a week later, and we finally get back into BD to play. Now we’re disorganized. RM decided we would step in sooner rather than later to push EF out as it looked like A was losing considerable territory. RM got about half it’s members to start making a move southward against EF. KK were still not in full gear to move in against AK however, but started their preparations around the time we began launching our assault against EF. However, to RM’s surprise, EF were absolutely inactive. They stacked about 3k infantry onto a single OP and RM didn’t have the firepower to break them in 1 go. So we took everything else and waited for our Nukes to get set up (in which time, all of EF fled back to AA). A had begun to push on AK now that they could focus 100% on them and KK had finally finished their prep as well. However, in the eyes of the world, it simply looked like KK had come to vulture against a team that was already being pushed back.

RM invaded AA against EF (took forever) and proceeded to take out the inactive EF’s network. It was at this point AK began messaging me. As they were in talks with EF, they began to message us that KK would take all of EF’s stuff and vulture from RM. I ignored it. Sadly, KK did exactly as AK said they would and proceeded to take all of EF’s network and res ops in east AA. This caused the 1st strain on RM and KK’s cooperation. AK proceeded to message me stating that KK was setting up to hit RM and sent me screenshots of a conversation between Butterfly effect and them stating that he would retake leadership and hit RM. Though I did not fully believe in this, I did still take precautions and also began to set up to hit KK in return just incase (considering they were right on the fact that KK would take EF’s network). I pulled a majority of my team out of AA and then sent Prax the messages I got from AK asking him to remove Butterfly from the team. Prax said he would handle it and I was put a bit more at ease (though I also told him that RM would not renew our NAP with KK due to them taking the res ops in AA from EF). Prax said they would come back to that later as they were busying fighting AK in AA.

Fast forward a bit, Gage is asking me to hit H2W (but I’m still mad at KK so I basically ignored it as I just didn’t want to do anything to help them at this point). KK and AK take an even battle and KK barely come out on top with about 60 tanks surviving. AK is now weak and getting pushed back by A in GL and KK in AA. RM was now ranked 1 however due to the big battle KK and AK took.

Honestly, at this point, I felt a bit bad for AK and was considering potentially helping them. However, 2 things were happening. H2W was growing quite substantially (and I know Iceman isn’t my biggest fan) and A was expanding like crazy in Asia and Russia. This lead me to believe A might have been thinking to use the chance to hit us while KK kept AK busy in AA. I asked leader of A to get the OPs razed and they agreed. 12 ticks later, the OPs aren’t razed yet (and are full CT) and 7 more OPs appeared around the same area (maybe 3 ticks away from previous). I decided to take the OPs instead of asking them to be razed and threw a fake hissy fit about it and justified it as a breach of our NAP. There were 2 reasons for doing this.

  1. It put pressure on A to slow down progression against AK as A would now be worried about RM hitting them from behind.
  2. I really wanted those OPs gone as they were 6 ticks away from my colony.

A obviously responded and we went into indepth discussions on what exactly RM’s borders would be based on actual coordinates in game and not a guessing game based on our own perceptions of the world map. We reached a peaceful conclusion and proceeded BAU.

We were still a bit worried about whom H2W would go after at this point. We figured it’d probably be us or that they’d step in to help AK. We prepared for our worst case scenario, which was H2W hitting us. Luckily, Top Gun messaged me saying that H2W was gonna hit KK in AA and that H2W was purposefully not going through EU to hit them to avoid escalations with us. I appreciated that and decided we would not hit H2W right now even though they were without a doubt a big threat at this point for further down the road. H2W hit KK and now it was AK vs A in GL and KK vs H2W in AA. The war seemed to have balanced itself out without RM needing to step in anywhere. The issue… this meant RM was sitting in 1st place and not warring. I knew what was coming.

Fast forward 100 ticks or so and relics get released. Every big team except for RM was now warring. We knew we had a big opportunity here to grab relics as we had network across half the world. However, I also knew us taking a majority of the relics would likely put the world on edge against us. Ultimately though, my members were bored and wanted SOMETHING to do. So once we figured out the estimates on the relics, we figured we could safely take 3 relics and risky, we could take 5. I considered taking the EU relic, however, I didn’t want to do so without at least 3 members considering our network was scarce and doing so would likely piss off H2W and A. So we went for South Africa, India, and Japan relics. We organized 6 of our members in the first 10 minutes of the tick that relics released. 3 launched in South Africa, 2 were already launched on delay in Japan, and 1 was launched in India. It was at this point, India and Japan began getting jammed as our last 4 members were getting online. Neutron and Guardian were already set to hit Japan and knew they could take it just the 2 of them (our 2 biggest armies at the time). I was the only one in India, but KK and K2 left Matt’s colony unjammed and so we just delayed our attack by 2 as that was the difference from where my army was. We were all set for all of our attacks now.

Then the next tick passed and we saw about 100 squads from K2 launching on Japan relic (they were outside our radar range before as they were launching from Indonesia). So Neutron and Guardian had 90 squads set to land the same ETA as K2’s 120 squads for the relic. Now, at this point, I knew they could see our OPs and we couldn’t see theirs, so I had made the assumption it was a snipe attempt. I did however forget that we were set to 1 tick delay so a spam could see the exact units (and check xp just incase) before having our armies land. So K2 actually didn’t see our squads in the air yet. At this point, I messaged Praxis (whom we were already on bad terms with over the EF incident) to get K2 to backdown or else my 2 members would just suicide into them (we figured 2 of our members rebuilding was cheaper than them getting 8 members rebuilt even if we lost). Obviously, Devin wasn’t happy. I had considered having Neutron and Adrian back down after realizing they couldn’t see our squads in the air on the initial launch, but then I also realized that Japan relic was too risky as it was right at out back (and there was a bunch of space we couldn’t see in the pacific ocean if they wanted to have K2 stack armies in to hit us from behind with relic). So I told Neutron and Adrian to continue on.

This is where things took a turn I wasn’t quite expecting. Devin obviously got mad (which I knew would happen), however he had messaged H2W and gotten a ceasefire agreed upon to come and fight us instead. RM saw H2W and KK armies both turning back to their own territories. Obviously I didn’t know the exact terms of their ceasefire, however, to us, it looked like they agreed to both ally up and hit RM instead. With that scenario in mind, I had my members prepped to hit all of Asia to take out KK and pulled all our armies out of AA (as we didn’t care about holding it). We noticed some KK ops suddenly had some spams and anti spams on them and decided we needed to act before the 2 teams could gangbang us.

We had 3 armies on standby in South Africa incase H2W launched an invasion there (and lots of nukes). We had 2 member stationed in west Russia to hit H2W incase they gated their 100 squads in GL (they used to take EU relic) into EU. We jammed up KK’s armies headed to gates in AA and proceeded to hit them. We took Asia quickly seeing as they had no armies up here and then proceeded to move into the Philippines. KK had their ally DM start flooding Aussie with OPs to prevent us from landing when we got closer. We still had a good majority of KK jammed up in mid AA by the time we hit Indonesia. We also had killed Praxis and about 160 of Salty’s tanks. However, we heard Prax had a family emergency and really didn’t feel that great about the kill.

At this point, A had made some good progress in NA, however they were suddenly halted by the appearance of TC whom were pure anti veh and trying to suicide into them. They began to get pushed back into GL now that it was 2v1 against them.

RM was still cautious of H2W interfering into our war, so we still had 3 members on standby in west Asia incase they launched on us as they were building gates and radars deep into our territory (we assumed they were prepping to gate armies and hit us from inside our territory). Around this time, Gage came to me asking if we wanted to have a Christmas ceasefire. We knew if we pushed into Australia, H2W would jump on us and enough time had passed for H2W to have gotten their armies back north to gate into EU. So we were worried at this point of having to fight on 2 opposite fronts. I told Gage we would consider the christmas ceasefire, but we like to offer a complete ceasefire as well. This originally got shot down by Gage, but as time went by, more and more of our nukes hit armies and idle squads and it was becoming apparent that KK had lost a lot of it’s motivation and organization without Devin.

RM now had 2 choices to make. Bum rush Aussie and hope to clear out a demoralized KK before they could get reorganized or try to use their demoralization to get a ceasefire agreement. I opted for the 2nd option (once again, I figured the second we entered Aussie, H2W would jump on us), so we feigned being held up by camp walls (we actually had found a spot they never closed up) and just launched nukes continuously. Gage then came to us with a new proposal. A merger between KK and RM. They wanted the 5 most active KK members to join RM and the 5 least active RM member to join KK. This would solidify trust in both teams (though we were still hesitant that it could be a ruse to weaken us). After putting up a vote, RM unanimously decided we didn’t want to merge. Not because it couldn’t be useful, but simply because we wanted to stay together as a team.

After going back to Gage with this, KK wasn’t really happy with the decision but had decided they would still do the christmas ceasefire. Gage and I then proceeded to agree that both sides would keep launching nukes and small spam attacks to keep up the illusion we were still warring and held in a stalemate. Salty even sacrificed 60 tank squads to keep the illusion up as Iceman had apparently gotten suspicious.

Around this time, G and Felipe had both come to me with ideas to turn the era around a bit. However, both knew KK and RM needed to stop fighting for it to come to fruition. So they both stepped in to help with the negotiations. And luckily for us, Felipe had made plans to take in those active KK members instead. RM and KK never officially agreed upon a ceasefire though, we just counted on the fact that we were now both going to be fighting on the same side. JUST incase, RM kept up the camp wall in Indonesia if the remnants of KK decided to hit us, we could at least stall them with the camp wall intact.

With that, RBL had made plans to hit H2W and RM would proceed to follow behind them about 2 ticks after.
The hope was that H2W would expend a lot of resources getting armies to confront RBL and leave GL mostly open for RM to invade. The only issue was rumors that A had agreed on a plan to let AK into EU to hit RM and then A would proceed to hit RM as well. A had indeed fallen back to EU and AK and TC both invaded. RM was still unsure if the rumors were true or if A had seriously just fallen back and couldn’t contain them. There were plenty of chats in the big skype chat where members of A had openly stated their dislike of RM, so we stayed cautious.

After a slight delay in plans, G had messaged me stating that him and felipe had gotten A back on our side and that we would proceed with plans. I however, being overly cautious, considered whether or not G and Felipe might also be part of the master plan to kill RM finally. So we attacked H2W after RBL attacked them with 4 members only. The remaining 6 were those who had heavy new years plans to stay in EU/Asia for a worst case scenario event. Then Klesh got banned and we ended up taking Praxis in as a replacement (also hoping that would solidify KK not attacking us).

Felipe also jumped on an opportunity at this point, coordinating with A to kill a majority of TC’s army in 1 go. About 180 squads of TC were sitting on an A colony’s shield. So a relo lock was worked out and TC fell along with their reign over most of northern Africa. Felipe’s team then in turn proceeded to invade GL, NA and SA against just TC.

RM’s 4 members had successfully invaded GL right before new years with only about 60 squads of H2W trying to halt our movements (we had around 180 squads in GL). 3 RM members stayed in EU to ensure GL team had a way back incase A or AK hit us. 3 more members sat back in west Asia incase A were the one’s who betrayed, so we didn’t get cut off from our hive. I also had all my R5’s (about 70) and about 15 additional squads sitting back in Russia near A incase they betrayed.

With things as they were, RM looked to be in a good spot now. However, Felipe decided his team would only hit TC for the time being to continue gaining a bigger foothold in GL/NA/SA and to help G out a bit. It was at this point, AK hit RM in EU while still warring A. It was honestly the best move they could have done, but it still surprised us that they would risk being surrounded by 2 teams. RM’s best option was to hold EU with their 3 members there, have the 3 in west Asia push from the other end, and have our 4 members in GL stay and prevent their fallback to GL and force them to have to enter Africa to flee back to SA (where Felipe would be).

However… sadly, things didn’t work out this way. The holidays took a much bigger toll on us than expected. Celene was only available on-call as she was extremely busy with her job on the holidays. Matt was available on-call, but also extremely busy with family matters (there were about 6 times we called and he answered saying he couldn’t get online and he was one of the one’s who invaded GL). Adrian was away travelling and was pretty much unresponsive. Devin was still moving his army from Aussie to our network. Leero ended up getting caught in the EU attack as he left his phone on silent by accident and that left Shibu and myself as the only ones in EU to guard it (and I was in a car for 9 hours driving to Canada and playing on Puffin).

With all these factors now taken into consideration and G messaging me saying “just stay alive, don’t lose another member doing anything risky”, we decided to pull out of GL to reinforce EU with our active members (and 1 inactive matt). Of course, this meant we would lose our foothold on GL. We pulled out our 180 squads from GL and took EU back relatively quickly from AK once we did. AK then stacked on a single OP (and we had pretty much no nukes in the area to force the 5k veh’s to move without suiciding).

AK eventually pulled everything out back to GL and HTPU had asked us to start assisting with the camp wall in West Africa while we set up for GL invasion. At this point, RM was not really keeping in contact with A about anything as we still weren’t sure where they stood (and didn’t want to give them any additional info about our plans). This left us at an awkward spot as AK had GL covered and camp walled up (and nukes already there) while we were only just starting to get OPs up for creating nukes (and they were launching at anything we upgraded). This caused us to have quite a slow start trying to get nukes ready to clear the GL border for an invasion. Around this time however, I got quite sick. I had asked my team to prep for a GL invasion so we could eventually pay back G for helping us out by fighting H2W (but we had to get through AK first). For these plans, I told my team to get armies in EU/North Africa and to get nukes up to clear OPs of spies for a landing zone (as we would have to attack an OP instead of planting). I also told them I would get into contact with A before I got sick to coordinate an invasion… which, when I got sick, I totally didn’t do that. I had left my team with the orders of, prep for GL invasion and call me if there was an emergency (but we were safe unless A betrayed us). I then proceeded to nyquil myself into a coma in hopes of recovering within 2 days.

So that unfortunately left my team in a bit of a state of confusion. I had made it very clear, we wouldn’t invade GL unless A also invaded, and I wanted to nuke the ever loving crap out of GL border before landing anyways. So much of my team sat back and continued to build and launch nukes, but no launches were made to even distract AK into keeping armies on the GL borders. H2W had already hit Felipe’s team as well (but they defended almost all of it). However, this now meant Felipe was fighting on enemy territory surrounded by potential enemies (to include AK). Obviously, this lead to moment where AK caught HTPU offguard and killed their armies.

I had just finished recovering enough from being sick when I awoke to a message from G. 1 said to invade GL immediately as felipe had just died. An hour later, was a very different message from G saying that he was declaring war on RM for not doing anything (I had logged 6 hours after the last message). Seeing as RBL had now turned on us and Felipe’s team had lost nearly everything, we now had zero incentive to take the fight to AK anymore. It was now tick 1200 and we knew we only had to hold for 300 more ticks against RBL, H2W, and AK. We prepped for the invasion by camp walling up EU and West Africa.

To our surprise, they let about 150 ticks pass without simultaneous invasions (we assumed RBL would hit South Africa, AK would hit EU, and H2W would invade from SA). We saw Leo sitting on the African border and KNEW he would join them, but we were stupid and decided we would just try to keep him jammed (we knew if we attacked him, he’d spam us in Asia, EU, and Africa and whomever he joined would then move to land on his colony before we could force relo him). Unfortunately, we let one of his gates open for 50 seconds and in that time frame, H2W managed to gate 5k tanks into Africa :upside_down_face:

Thus, the countdown started at tick 1335 and we had 165 ticks to hold them off. We prepped for the entire world to turn on us at this point. We had a member sitting in Russia just incase A (now BIRD) also betrayed us. 4 members held EU and 3 held Africa, and 2 were in Saudi to prevent H2W from just trying to launch long ETAs to push forward into our territory. To our surprise though, A had attacked KK for score, which for us meant they’d be in AA/Aussie. So we basically hoped they’d just stay out of things. To our greater surprise though, they came through for us and came to our aid! (and with that, we pulled all our members to the frontlines to hold AK, H2W and RBL). Along with that, our ally TCC whom I had let build up in our safe corner also offered to come to our aid and really pulled through for us holding down the Turkey area and pushing into Africa. RBL never really made any real pushes. They got to our Saudi border we were holding and stopped and held. Around the same time, H2W began to pull out of Africa. I can only assume they realized there wasn’t enough time to break us anymore and just decided to pull and consolidate power with AK. Sadly, the final war ended up being extremely anti climatic. It started off exciting, but ended with both sides just pulling out from their invasion to transfer crystals.

RM already knew 1st rank was a slim chance considering H2W and RBL were already stating they’d give AK (CwL) all their crystals and relics. With that being the case, we knew AK could hit 35k score easily and we were sitting around 34k. We THOUGHT it’d be a close final rush to the end line with this being the case as we knew we had around 300 OPs to raze and could use to build units for a power race. What we didn’t expect however, was KK and leel giving up all their crystals as well (which put CwL at the 807 crystals from their original 288). We knew a majority of the world supported the “fighting” team over the one that supposedly “sat and built” all era, so it wasn’t overly surprising. But still a significantly larger gap than we originally anticipated :joy::rofl:

So with that, we also consolidated our crystals (though we only consolidated what was ours) to get 4 of our members into the top 10. I was also pushed out of 3rd place, so I gave up my 4th rank to push 3 others into the top along with some other members help.

Now that the recapp is done, one last bit from me to finish my novel. This era, I know a lot of you stated you “lost respect” for me for not fighting as I usually do this era. To that, I will just say, think whatever you wish :slight_smile: Those of you who know me well know that I can be a huge nuisance to fight, which is why most of you avoided fighting me in the first place this era, regardless of how much I pushed your buttons throughout. I played purely in my own teams interest and we didn’t ask for any teams to place and fight for us. I also tried to preserve balance through the era and keep things interesting, even if it wasn’t in my team’s best interest. I think everyone on the map knew that if one side nearly killed the other, my team would have stepped in (if you didn’t think I would have, then you were sadly mistaken). If A broke into SA, I would have hit them to save AK (same with KK). The reason I stepped in against AK indirectly (attacking EF and H2W) before they got further against A was because they already held half the map’s resources. I didn’t want to give them the opportunity to beat everyone with res income.

Long story short, I basically threw RM’s best opportunities to ensure our win in order to keep the era interesting and balanced (NOTE: I said threw our BEST opportunities, not threw the era). Do you really think I’d LET H2W build up unchallenged for 700 ticks if I wanted the victory this era?! I wanted them to even out the war between AK vs A and KK (though, I was still unsure if they’d hit RM instead). And if I wanted to WIN, I’d definitely have just jumped on the kill AK train and joined KK and A. We could have just had a nice little gangbang fest and eliminated that issue right off the bat. Then it’d be “whom does AK hate the most” when it came down to A, KK, and RM fighting for win. And I already knew they hated both A and KK members more than my teams folks. Not to mention, felipe and G both had teams building. And though I didn’t ask them to plant for me, I think it’s safe to say that out of all the teams on the map, RM would be the one with the most ties to those players in order to get help from them.

So I do not regret my decisions at all this era. I still gave a shot for RM to win the era without wrecking the balance on the world up. It ended up being a lot less war than I intended though as more teams kept showing up to help AK out and balancing things out again. Overall, the era was immensely interesting, even though much of the hate ended up coming my way for it. I do apologize to my team though. I know the era was more boring than you guys thought it’d be and I know some of you were really looking forward to a win. My intent wasn’t to lose, but it also wasn’t to make the absolute smartest decisions for the win either.

I apparently hit the character limit for the forums :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: So there will be a double post!


So now some side thoughts about the teams on the map.

Though AK fought all era, they had 3 sleeper teams set up for them. EF, H2W, and TC. And every single time one of those teams took a hit, AK immediately lost all forward momentum. So in my honest opinion, though most of you were on AK’s side, they were not the “deserving winners” in my eye. They did well to preserve through the era, but relied on numbers 100% through the entirety of the era to survive. If not for EF and TC, I think A would have wiped AK out.

I would say I’d give A the MVP this era. They fought all era as well and they had no helper teams placed, yet still rolled with the punches and survived. The ONLY reason A wasn’t a bigger contender was because of that fact unfortunately. They couldn’t ask another team to suicide for them or collect crystals for them on the side. They were truly 1 team fighting for themselves. So for all those who argued “AK deserved the win” I would say you were just riding the bandwagon and hating on RM. A were truly the deserving winners of this E1 in my honest opinion.

I would even put H2W up there as a close 2nd for MVP’s this era. Though they were here for AK, I found them to be significantly more difficult to deal with. And they took on multiple enemies at once by themselves. They made smart decisions through the era to put themselves in a better position. The only reason some of those didn’t come to fruition was because of everyone on the map being extremely weary of iceman and pretty much planning to kill him. There were also the rumors of buying off allies and such. Part of the game I guess, but always hard to do a bidding battle against the rich :upside_down_face:

I was rootin for ya’ll to break through and steal 1st honestly. You guys fricking rocketed through GL, NA and SA when taking out TC. You all were monsters, just wished everything wasn’t so rushed due to the short era. I think you guys would have done things much differently/smarter if that was the case and things could have played out much more in your favor. But if you did, I’m sure you guys would have had the hate train against ya’ll instead of RM for sitting and building then stealing 1st :joy:

G, you did an amazingly clutch move for RM when you called on war against H2W. I’m just sorry I couldn’t repay you. I know my team disappointed you in terms of not doing more, but we also couldn’t afford to make risky moves at the end of the era when we were sitting in 1st rank (and we knew it’d be an arms race in the end). However, if we had known that 5 alliances were gonna hand their crystals to them, I honestly would have probably pushed the invasion for GL even without A with us :joy: We thought that 1st was still well within our grasp if we played things right. But regardless, once AK hit us, it pretty much became impossible for us to help you guys out directly. A was too much of a wildcard for us though at the time. We knew if A hit us from behind, they would go from 5th to 2nd and we figured that would be too tempting if we just gave them the opening (and if they found a way to take our relics, they’d be in 1st even).

Ya’ll were an emotional roller coaster… seriously. Butterfly Effect boasting on how he was gonna kill us in the 1st 100 ticks caused me to start boosting, just so I could quickly squash him. Then we ceasefired instead for the good of our territory. Then Prax took over and I thought things would be dandy. Then ya’ll stole res and network from us (and started hard sniping us) and we got super angry at you again. Then we warred you, then we made peace AGAIN. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: And to top it off, Devin joined us for the last couple hundred ticks. Ya’ll did well against AK when fighting though. I know there were still quite a few inexperienced players in the team that ya’ll had to organize into a fighting machine.

Not sure if any of the folks from TCC will even see this, but you guys were great. I didn’t regret letting you build in Russia at all :slight_smile: You always asked to help us whenever we got in any dispute with any other team and although we didn’t need you for most of them, the fact you were always willing to help was nice. And at the end, you definitely helped shift things in our favor.


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Let me know how many of you actualy read the whole thing, just curious


I did :smiley: (Please remove the 20 char limit :()


meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (I hate 20 characters)


I didn’t bother reading that massive one, but I’m glad you noted what everybody who so quickly proclaimed CwL the deserving winners completely overlooked


this is such a meme because the entire point was that they were MORE deserving than RM since RM sat for so so long, and that people then moved to help kill RM because of it


Yeah people were salty RM made some decent choices and didn’t war the entire era burning out :stuck_out_tongue: Although as PS said its a game of tactics diplomacy and skill so they won it by diplo and thats all that matters :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah true, it was the failure of diplo that got rbl to attack you instead of help you in the end and could have turned the era so ur def right on that one


Lol tf no. RBL did nothing end of era but give xtals which CwL didn’t even need in order to win with KKs xtals and the merge. Nice try tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Y’all could have rallied to A’s side just as easily and handed to them instead. They fought just as hard (if not harder) and none of you bothered to help them out. If anything, they had the better shot at taking RM out if you rallied to their side. RM got forcefully pulled in against AK and they used that as a catalyst to gather support. Actually, i shoukd say G did. None of you bothered with siding against RM until G started chiming in. He was able to pull the masses for a political war and rally the neutrals to pick a side. Which also took away from A getting support.


End this discussion ffs. :expressionless: