E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Tick 1500 - Some scores will not be updated until after admin officially ends era



Considering the rampant farming you guys did a really great job of packing the top 10 with your members, selfless as always Josh giving up your spot. Congrats to all who played the era, particularly to PS for a great rank 11


I mean, CwL only went from 250 crystals to 800, i don’t know what you’re talkin bout. :smile:


Basically ur ass is salty for everything that happened this era?


I think he was complimenting us xD


I dont really consider “great job getting the top 10 spots” as a compliment lol. You know how hard it is to not war at all? Considering the number of chances we had to destroy KK, AK or A? We cud have easily won the era with the team we had. But then again we came so close.


Tis okay Leero, era is over. Let your soul rest. Be freeeee.


Leero could really learn a thing or two of you,

Also ggwp all


Tick 1501: The end of Anons Reckoning

World Map is the same as above,

Top Players changed slightly as good ol’ hunter decided to do one last annoyance of the era, gg to him.
I also like to see each alliance in the top 10 a different colour for viewing pleasure, as well as have a few more pages as I think all those players within the top 50 deserve it.

End of era player stats below;

  1. Krazy - Cwl

  1. Sylphrena - Bird

  1. Aussie Faker - CwL

  1. The Guardian - RM

  1. Neutron X - RM

  1. Swagger - RM

  1. Iceman - CwL

  1. Praxis - RM

  1. Antrax - CwL

  1. Gundam Joe - CwL

  1. Pakistani Soldier xD - CwL

  1. Klord - CwL

  1. Flowercilam (Josh) - RM


My god give it a rest I’m literally one of the only people who hasn’t talked shit about your team the whole time. I was trying to be nice!


The actual winner of the era is me.
I have the most popular BD post of all time thanks to you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work and good game everyone look forward to playing with and against you in the future :slight_smile: <3


Great era , time for a small break . Will leave a colony on svalbard just like every E1 era.

Playing Next BD EA draft event will keep the forums updated with what goes on there. :stuck_out_tongue:

(FFS so many edits)


1500 hours compiled into 30 seconds, thanks for the many sleepless nights and missed events


GG everyone
Love to all haters whatever you say idc. <3


Nawwwee you marked us blue cuties <3


my first comment… Faker u didnt share my stats so i dont like u anymore :frowning:


Woow"should be 20""""""


zzzzzzzz :disappointed:

Zain - Noob


I see Antrax finished top-10, tut tut everyone. Ya’ll know where to go to find his kryptonite.

10/10 salty thread, please do again everyone.