E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


iirc, they were marked red because they took our ops in UK without any provocation.


They’re evildoers.

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This guy is bringing revolutionary tactics to BD! Send your army first regardless of whether you’ll win or not, and then send a spam just in case you lose the initial fight.


This is nothing, look at this amazing strat I saw on e2 several eras ago. 6 tick attack, each army a tick apart



Make a meme, drop it in bd meme site


PS is actually the kindest BD player, he gave me a reward for playing this era :heart:


I’m not from Battledawn, but this sure is entertaining. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also the memes are glorious lol


Thanks Everyone for playing this round (Sorry couldnt participate more in the last 300 or so ticks was having some issues) was fun.


Were you able to follow what was going on alright?


Not really because I skipped some parts, but I think people are battling a champion clan/group called RM.


Thx @Annonymu5
Bought some vodka with the reds you gave me


yeah and they’ve had to gather about 3 alliances worth of crystals and relics in order to beat us :wink:


Nice joke, guys laugh!


Battledawn is a game of tactics diplomacy and skill.


Paid licker lmao “must be 20”


He is a supermech player


Well of course and I said GG, just pointing out how you beat us to our spectator


pretty sure the guys who spoke the least fought the most this era.

age ofc



lies, I didn’t speak much till like few days ago