E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


A ■■■■ I gotta re-write my huge paragraph to yaz in light of what you said and now I’m tired.


No need to give me a huge paragraph, all I said was I think it’s pathetic, nothing much. Just lost a bit of respect for some people :slight_smile:


Yea my tldr is that no one threw a tantrum (unless it was in pms) and I think calling it pathetic is uncalled for yazzi


if you dont believe in a concept, you shoudnt be using it in an argument because you dont believe it in the first place


Well I said how I see it and feel about it. It’s up to you how to take it.


Hey, I wrote a book :smiley:

Leero’s perspective:

Russian Mafia

Alexander announced on skype this E1 will be somewhat different. Neutron said he joined Malice in Russia and the alliance was open. So, i thought why not. Also, my other reason was to repair my relationship with Neutron after a terrible era with Inglish Killa family. We beat Psi and gang but I fked it all up after neutron messaged Leo (enemy) calling me out after i failed to stop him. I also had personal issues and quit E1.

So, IDK why i planted in madagascar but i did. I was told not to enter Africa as we had a NAP with A. So i just sat there. Meanwhile khadar being the newbie he is decided to take on malice, things escalated and I had to step up. Conquered a noob next to me in madagascar and relocated to motherland Russia. KK pulled out of the war with RM as A asked their support to fight against OCS. Meanwhile JAM got fked in America, except salty I guess. After joining RM’s skype chat which i dint for a long time due to my problems with Neutron I realised this isn’t a JW team LOL.

We basically had only a few new players like Shibu(not new anymore), Murkoff, Shotfuse and The Guardian ofc. Malice decided we sit for now, build and see how things go from there. Considering we were a random team and had people place randomly. Gage later told me he made 3 or 4 people plant to join Malice in Russia which is why Malice did not have complete newbies in his team. Malice’s intentions were to purely train new players, please dont get him wrong there.

So, there we were sitting and building meanwhile A and KK defeated OCS and JAM relocated to new zealand to merge with KK. AK and EF decided to gangbang A. Meanwhile in motherland Russia, Swaggy and Ricco joined from Antarctica and America after shotfuse and Murkoff went inactive for 3 or more days. So this team now consisted of some serious players but they were late to the party so we still sat to grow in power and take on anyone who would want to challenge us.

In Africa A was holding up well against AK and Malice decided it’s in our best interest A is not defeated as we won’t be able to hold if AK gets too powerful. We stepped in and took out EF from South africa and idk why(some people blame excel :P) but they disbanded.

Out of nowhere there was news ICEMAN planted with his goons :D. Malice immediately marked them red lmao.

A was able to push AK out of Europe and Africa, RM declared on EF and pushed them out of africa and invaded antarctica (was kinda sad EF was inactive). KK decided to step in after the merger and attacked AK from antartica. AK was fighting on two fronts. Enter ICEMAN. Long story short ICEMAN entered the war and KK gave up fighting and turned their fleets towards australia. RM saw this as a threat and declared war on KK. Meanwhile, TC(AK’s other ally) stepped up and pushed A back.

Praxis(KK leader) immediately got pumped, bought shitloads of reds and distributed them. However due to some personal reasons Praxis lost his army. Salty also lost most of his army and things were looking bad for KK. KK offered a ceasefire after losing their leader and asked for a merger to fight against H2W. However RM did not want to change their team and decided not to do a merger. So, some members from KK merged with Psi’s team( HTPU) instead. HTPU and RBL declared war on H2W and were close allies to RM, so RM decide to take on H2W as well. But while RM was warring H2W AK launched a surprise attack and killed me (well my phone was on silent :frowning: )

Meanwhile, Praxis joined us after Krim (Klesh shima got banned) anyone know why he got banned?

After this, RM and A pushed AK out of Europe and H2W was too busy warring HTPU and RBL. AK again attacked from behind and managed to kill HTPU and H2W caught RBL sleeping and killed 3 or 4 armies. RBL was not happy with RM’s support as they just sat whileRBL and HTPU suffered losses. So, RBL declared war on RM.

To explain why we did not support properly.

There were several reasons,

  1. We thought A could probably attack us from behind. But, we were wrong.
  2. New years eve so we decided to pull out of greenland.
  3. AK formed a blockade in Greenland.

During the pre end game A attacked KK which now had very less JAM members and KK handed their crystals to AK.

The end game was RM taking on RBL, H2W and AK (CwL now) with some help from BIRD, TTC and Buford. However, due to very less time they could not reach far. In the end CwL was handed crystals from RBL, KK and CwL took the win defeating RM in score.

This is my perspective and I might obviously be wrong in some places so feel free to correct me and i’ll edit it. I guess I repaired my relationship with Neutron which was my objective this era :smiley: This will probably be my last era. Good riddance BD :slight_smile:

PS: If you think we were just sitting you are wrong. We were doing this.

Me the night I died

Shibu the whole era



I’m a noob, and there is no denying that, but I had a much bigger impact on this round than any other noob. :smiley: GG bois


So as per you if someone doesn’t agree with something he shouldn’t argue about it being wrong as he doesn’t believe in it anyways . What kind of logic is that


i guess i misunderstood what you were saying before. thot u were arguing for it, and not saying it was wrong


i didn’t mark Iceman red. Dunno who did, but not like i wouldn’t either :stuck_out_tongue:
I just made assumption none of you would be stupid enough to attack them without all of us knowing.


Wasnt Psis gang? Psi was part of Joshs gang? Idk, I came late :stuck_out_tongue: . Joined them and won. But enough about me, this isnt about me. Go on, you were sayin?


I was saying your mom gay :smiley:


No u.


Great post. And touching that you wanted to go that far to make up, I didn’t know that.

Just don’t let noob Leo LD you next time :stuck_out_tongue: and we’re good.


Don’t make Yaz angry :rage:


oh wait, that era? wtf leero, why didn’t you warn me to kill Leo before he screwed us!!! Have you learned nothing?! #KickLeero

Also, i’ll give my book perspective later. It’ll probably take me a day to write it. I’ll give you all my juicy inner thoughts as well.

Teaser: “And there I sat at my chair, staring at the computer screen thinking to myself; hot damn, G is one sexy beast. Like, shiiiiit.”


You and I both. It’ll most likely just be PS’ written with proper grammar and punctuation. As well as a few different points/views.

Edit: Tick 1449;


GG mah dude :jack_o_lantern:


Looks like lool and CwL are merging to have a good margin lead on RM and seal the victory.



I liked the previous one more :frowning: