E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


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Please Go ahead and prove me wrong , its just 1 point i am putting

U say : RM isnt the deserving winner as they havent worked hard enough for their win hence u joined CwL and lool side against them.

What i am saying : u supported HTPU for the win while they were fighting lool and TC and they deserved the win as per you , you even asked for an era tick extension so the teams joining in war later stand a much better chance, you were ready to pay reds to CwL to make sure HTPU didnt die as Gundnam provided proof from their team.

But then RM which fought EF KK lool CwL (maybe more teams which idk about) and are still fighting most of them are not deserving.
So HTPU fought 2 teams after more than half of era is done and become deserving and gets ur support u want an era extension for them ready to pay reds to make them survive, while RM fought 4+ teams and have managed to survive till the end and still not the deserving winners.

Maybe there is a bigger picture which u can clarify to me.

pretty much clear from the start that i wont be involved in diplomecy :slight_smile:


this is bending the truth a little bit. they wanted to extend the era so HTPU could kill everyone and take the win, and then would “deserve” it if they were able to kill everyone after starting so late. wasnt like anyone said they deserved the win because they thought they should be rank 1 for sitting in africa and building all era


exactly my point , so as per RBLs deserving certificate which they give to various alliances. HTPU was not yet deserving and still they supported them and were ready to go to any lengths to save their armies even as much as pay reds to save them from CwL. so maybe there is special deserving certificates provided to special friends :smiley:


they were trying to extend the era and kill everyone, why wouldnt RBL help?


who wasnt trying to kill everyone, and A and CwL were trying to kill people longer than HTPU why not support them then??


you are conflating two different arguments and ideas together. the whole deserve conversation is based on the idea of who can end the era 1st and win the era. also, RBL started attacking H2W first without any help from HTPU. HTPU jumped in to try to kill H2W with RBL and then died. This is when RBL realized they didnt want RM to win and allied themselves with cwl


Alright hold on I won’t let you twist the story here. RBL had no intention of playing seriously until HTPU asked for help against Ice and TC. No one is saying anything about HTPU deserving anything, we played because we wanted to, thats all. Where the current annoyance comes from, which was mentioned above by Malice and G, is that RM were lazy when we were losing sleep fighting armies 3x bigger than our own. I can’t vouch for anyone else but I’ve stated my opinions about RM winning if you’d like to scroll up


Sorry sir but this concept of “we will support the deserving team and fight the undeserving team” isnt mine. Maybe u want to talk to your leader about that.


if its not ur concept then dont use it as an argument :smiley:


am i only allowed to argue on things which i myself say ?? thats a new one


Only 63 tics left , who will win
H2W/CWL &co Vs RM/Bird &co




I’m sorry but that’s the worst excuse I’ve heard. What I saw was RBL throwing a tantrum trying to blame someone for Felipe getting fucked. And then decided oh let’s blame RM they didn’t move in fast enough, they don’t deserve the win, just to save themselves from ICEMAN lmao. Personally I think its pathetic and everyone I talked to knows that. But Idc that much about this era tbh and this is the first time throwing my 2 cents in here


must have just talked to RM/A players lmao


I wouldn’t say lazy. Here’s the thing. I wanted the era to extend to 2000 too. It would have changed everyone’s strategy though, so i agree with the many who said no to it. Which, btw, was mostly the opposition (CwL and lool). RM was already in first. We had no reason to RISK it by making a GL invasion that wasn’t 100% for us. Why would we risk taking a huge hit if AK thwarted us and A betrayed (once again, was purely thinking worst case, not saying A was going to betray, but if you show opportunity, folks can jump on it).

Felipe’s team had a great advantage. They had access to GL when they started their war and they used it. RM did not. We kept to ALL of our deals in terms of territory boundaries, so we did not aggressively expand and piss off our allies. We got control of GL when we ALSO declared war against H2W only a few ticks after RBL. However, H2W were the one’s who decided to go all out against RBL instead of us in GL. Can’t really blame us for that… We had lost our access to GL when AK hit us. It was indeed our own decision, when we COULD have held it. But we played it safe considering it was literally new years and we KNEW most of us were going to be out and drunk. Once again, no reason for us to RISK when we were the one’s sitting in 1st. We had been tracking AK to the best of our ability in GL, but obviously, we can’t scan dozens of OPs every tick. Especially while launching waves of nukes on SA and GL as well. AND, G, you were the one who said “just stay alive” when AK started hitting us. Which is part of the reason we pulled out of GL. To ensure we stayed alive and didn’t make a mistake (i mean, we even sent Matt to GL :joy:).

I don’t care that RBL decided to come after RM in the end. Just that saying we abandoned you is wrong. We didn’t. We just didn’t have any opportunities to break back into the fight. AK had only fully left EU maybe 72 ticks prior to hitting HTPU. We had barely gotten nukes up and running to start clearing OPs for our crossing.


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