E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Yep will do @excel

Zzzzzzz I’m just out here explaining that it only happened because one of your team members offered ffs. I’m sure you wouldn’t feel the same had Guardian’s deal gone through and your team had the xtals.
Also had it been a joke, not sure why a solid number was offered…

Also malice, just saying as this is all 100% true, I do feel disappointed that you came out attacking / insulting without proper knowledge of your teams actions

Does this help explain times or something?


@Malicewolf you’re an admin yourself wasn’t expecting you to brag on this shitty argumet
@Alexander please take notice
No pay for a month


Psh, like I get paid anyways :joy:

And honestly, I wouldn’t think Guardian would ever do such a thing (especially without even telling me). If he did, I’ll say it again, I’m disappointed. I will fully admit, I came out swinging right off the bat when I heard CwL made an offer. If what is being said is true, i’ll apologize to CwL for the accusation and fully condemn the actions of my own player.

As for that last little comment on that image, no, we are not asking A for anything. They are their own team, with their own interests. And I have never and will never stoop so low as to beg for someone else to lift me up for ranking. I’ll get whatever I get at the end of this era and I’ll accept that that was the best I could do of my OWN limitations.


Yeah haha, this was just him speculating. I couldn’t screenshot the page without the comment being in it, so apologies for that.

Anyway as ya’ll don’t believe me, I’ve asked him to post as well. Hopefully that will convince you.

Edit on image above: I said no reason, but I guess there is a reason. anyway you get the jist, I’ve asked so yeh


Also, to be clear to my own teammates, i’m not insulting faker here, nor attacking.

I’m skeptical as photoshop has been used by AK in the past (Butterfly Effect’s fake messages with AK).


“Insulting me for no reason”

I mean, you shouldn’t make it sound like you’re such a victim in this situation when you’re helping create it x.x proving a point or not


Yeah, no. A has never played for any alliance but A. We won’t be handing anything over to anyone unless they kill us first.


It’s okay bebs no need to be in denial. Medals from a dead era are nothing to be proud of.


Stop being pathetic and let Faker do the talking


Yep I admitted, I shouldn’t have said that. But I’m just trying to get him to post asap ffs.

Once again, I had to post that as it was attached to Guardians offer, SO anybody reading know that it is by no means true, it was just mehedi speculating, sorry to A and RM folks

Dw I already told him to let me explain haha


nice shifting of the goalposts yaz. “FPS and sea carried me last E3, you didnt carry me. oh, you got a better medal than sea? just sympathy medal. oh, i was afk all era?” its ok to admit to getting carried when you are afk instead of trying to change the argument to anything else you can think of


Bebs there is no need to be so upset, I said get gud, you said I carried you and your proof was “I got a higher medal than Seaweed” lel carrying or not a medal on a dead era doesn’t prove anything. Let it go m9.


you said get gud, i said i carried you, you said only fps and sea did on e3, i said if i didnt why did i get a better medal? you are acting like I brought it up when im defending myself from you arbitrarily calling me out when several others commented on how the forum was getting spicy :grin: dont get upset when your whole argument falls apart when you started it :smiley:


Whatever makes you sleep at night bebs :sob:


lies !
only Remi and Dz are allowed to carry swag.



and sasuke! dont forget him


Congrats to all on the 800 posts, I believe the most ever on the new forums for a single BD era?

Also, for the Gif Tick 1423


This made me laugh so hard. You’re a genius Leo.


see even he knows ^ :jack_o_lantern:


Love this thread also Bane has 0 idea what he’s talking about