E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Oh man, the salt :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: brings back some good ol’ nostalgia. Along with buying out the era for rank 1. Words gone around that CwL are offering 10k reds to those willing to give up their crystals. Funny how you say RM doesn’t deserve win for “sitting and building” but CwL does for “offering reds to everyone for an additional 400 crystals”. I dunno, but i’m fine with my pride on this era regardless of if i’m rank 1 or 2. Enjoy the 3000 blues for winning the era :joy:


excuse me, veterans? you seen half our team? :jack_o_lantern:


I’ll take some of that action, who do I have to speak to

Also malice, first time you’ve been misinformed,

Only reason reds were ever offered is because Guardian (who is in YOUR team) offered reds for KF’s xtals. Thus we then offered the SAME amount he did and got them…


oh this is fantastic


Oh?! Actually, this is the 1st I’m hearin on that end :thinking: Maybe Guardian will chime in, but considering folks came to me saying it was only a 1 way offer, i’m a tad skeptical. If it’s true, then i’ll say, i apologize. I made it extremely clear to my team I refuse to stoop so low for a win.


Excel acting like some overseeing BD era reviewer, lmao m9 get gud first then try talking about gaining respect or whatever :smiley:


i mean its the only way i can get involved in the era ): let me commentate in peace. and ive carried you in all eras we’ve played together so not sure what ur talking about :confused:


you? carried me? :open_mouth: I got carried by FPS and Seaweed last E3 and thats it :open_mouth:


ah my bad, thats why i got silver that era and seaweed got bronze


Wait did you legitimately pay for crystals?


I don’t know why you’d be surprised :confused: people this era have basically shown and said that being scummy and bummy is 100% cool.

Buy an era? Hire a team to kill someone? Sell your crystals?

By the power of currency!


CwL buys crystals and then calls for respect from the BD community. You see the kind of things I spoke about in my earlier post? With no change in attitude, you bunch will not be able to receive any respect in return.


So joker posted in the big chat after A stabbed saying, AK you want my xtals or something. Later in our chat, someone posted saying that he was going to give but RM offered him reds for them instead. So not wanting you guys to get them while simultaneously getting them for ourselves the following ensued;


So after confirming the offer, I just did what your team did… (just for context stabbers=A, as A stabbed joker)

Once again Neutron, only reason it was done is because YOUR team offered first bud. So in other words, how about you stop being hypocritical. I hate to make you look like a fool, but you do it to yourself.


Babe, I hate to break it to you, but you got some sympathy medals :sob:


Edit: fake news.

Tuesday? What Tuesday are you looking at? The 8th? When the quote says Jan 9 (wednesday). You can’t be talkin about tuesday the 15th.

I will say once again. If there was an offer made, i’m disappointed as I made it very clear to my members I have no intention of playing dirty to win this era. Even to the point of disbanding the team.


Understandable, however I wouldn’t stoop that low. But I guess joker or Guardian can confirm, as this is all 100% true.

So initial conversation with mehedi started on Tuesday the 8th. No actual amount had been offered as of yet from you guys, however Joker was told you were going to give him reds for xtals (From Guardian I presume).

While I was sleeping, mehedi got the actual offer from Guardian (1000 reds)(on Jan 8th/wed).

I think your confusion may come from days/dates. As remember this is Aussie dates/days


even if you say they are sympathy medals you afked the majority of the era while i did enough to get a medal in the first place. and not sure how you can say only FPS and sea carried when you werent on enough to see what happened in most of the era :confused:


Hypocritical? I wonder where the hypocrisy is, we as an alliance were never going to pay anyone for reds. Whatever Guardian did was either faked ( as I’m a bit skeptical about the times on the screenies), a joke ( because Guardian also literally told Krazy to set up an op next to him so they swap crystals) or an individual decision on his part.

Don’t ever put me ( or the rest of us for that matter) in the same bracket.


Stop ganging up on faker
And neutron you shouldn’t be talking here no one is listening to your bs you got a big mouth to Bork you are a shit player for which no one has respect and your words really don’t matter all you know is to throw shit and give you r fucking suggestions rather than playing the game stop acting high it is Malice and other crew due to which you are bouncing so much


have mehedi post the screenies of guardian offering the reds, or get screenshots from him