E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


The expansion OP made into Africa was a violation of the agreements at that time. Back then everyone we made dealings with were told “You’re not allowed into Africa” so that OP we took there literally had 1 purpose, and that was to be hostile.

( At that point we figured you were going to backstab, and tbh, regardless of what is said, I’m fairly sure you would backstab simply because the way geopolitics worked this era. GL or Africa OPs or not )

Just saying…


You clearly never said no ops in Africa and didn’t ever tell before taking that op of ours you could’ve asked to raze and you guys expanded further GL even when we asked not to


Well at that point we already viewed you as hostile, so why listen to the request about GL? we wanted to consolidate it. ( Plus, land. )

and I’m fairly sure there were even BCs saying nobody is allowed in Africa, but I may be remembering wrong.


Since were still trying to keep up the charade of this not being a stab.

Edit: note that JAM died on tick 70ish and it was actually PS who suggested the move to GL which he then continues to state as his reason for attacking A, kinda circular logic.


Oops willing to give me info aswell


one of the first things i told scip is that id send you that message then provide you with inaccurate info in order to bait you into bad decisions, once i give my loyalty i give it totally.


I wish i could post those screenies aswell where you and your 2 friends were talking about the TV thing in your discord group but I left the chat and sadly couldn’t


Ahhh caught in a lie so trying to use another lie in order to make me sound dishonest. Pathetic.


Please try to upload full screenies
You licked enough tho :joy:


Thats true, at the time i was a returning player with no friends and i had heard your name as someone who was a good player. i figured if i got in with you id be able to get into some good teams in the future so its true i did brown nose a little. - as a side note i actually thought you were someone else since you were in hiding.

This isn’t a direct messenger though so ill be quiet now i expect were already annoying people by talking too much.

Good era and well played.


I dont know, multiple times near end of tick I’ve seen you guys all launch like 2 mins after each other. I wait 2 mins and another person launches. I seriously don’t know how you can just come here, and start accusing other people lol.


Accusing other people of what?

The state of battledawn these days is such that if you have more than 3 people launching on the same tick you are instantly accused of cheating. The reason that we launch in this way is because Mew’s internet is bad therefore he launches 3 mins before EOT to be safe, Jare trusts the tick up until 1 min and i am confident enough in my internet to launch on 15 seconds. Now if you need to tell yourself that the only way you can die repeatedly is because the enemy is cheating then i guess thats cool.


Hey it isn’t a direct messenger go in dm
He’s trying to say that he has also fought u and observed u 3 using TV that’s it mate
Well played :slight_smile:


Why did you delete? im more than happy to work with Alex if he requires proof that were playing fairly, i have absolutely nothing to hide.


Ah the salt never ends with this game


When I last played against PS he had friends plant around him and make pure armour for him to farm xp (cheating) then when I caught him he tried to accuse me of planting these people as spammers. So this is nothing new from him


It’s really sad people choose to associate with guys like you who can’t make their point without saying something foul in their words. I pity you PS.


Ah man, how I have MISSED these kinds of threads.


Butterfly? Fight?

Dude couldn’t fight his way out of a field of daisies.

Reminder to everyone that’s the guy who suicided his alliance into an OCS member early on in the era.


wow so we were caught using TV? ok not we anymore but yeah so umm how is that possible when no such thing happened and lemme just ask u something how do u catch ppl using TV? how do u know how? cause u got experience using TV? huh lot to think about :male_detective: