E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Ahh must be the kids :joy::joy:


Nope, I read through it and agreed to most of it.


This implication that were account sharing is a compliment bro, were able to get 3 people on AT THE SAME TIME OMG SHOCK HORROR :smiley:


Yeah me too, thats why im confused haha


What are you expecting lol this is what he does and I think that time you were in the war with A so even if he didn’t want to fight A he was getting you on his side by playing with you


Congrats you got played by PS


What the duck u talking about nub?


Well that certainly clarified the situation thanks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


are u trying to help PS in the argument or making him look bad , its a bit confusing :wink:


He likes to roast with his Englush :frowning: bad boy


How much sure are u that he would have done a better job in any other language :joy::joy:


‘How much sure’ This is grammar genocide right here. This forum has become where English goes to die.


Not everyone have english as their mother tongue, i dont know what you are complaining about.


What I talking aboat, i talk aboat peopers who know de words but are laaze



It hasn’t changed the image for me. CwL will never be held in high esteem in my sight and the sight of many others as long as the attitude and gameplay of many of the players doesn’t improve.You think just because your bad diplomacy forced you to keep fighting all era, that would give you some credit then you must be high.

CwL only kept fighting because they didn’t want to lose in shame after wrecking their army several times in bad plays. However to keep fighting in itself does show grit.Again, the only time CwL had any advantage was when they gang banged with other alliances.

In all honesty, you guys need to learn to play better then you’ll get some more respect.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater it’s just my plain honest opinion. I do respect some players in CwL like Krazy who never says a bad word and keeps trying to get better all the time.


You want more sympathy xtals? LMAO


Long live motherland Russia !!!


Yes man you are absolutely right maybe we should learn from you on how to lose eras?
Please reply to other posts when you yourself have an image you garbage bag.


And stop licking krazy’s balls you lead him to death so bad that E1
Licking must be the only option left now yea?
Cmon man you might be a player on kong but not here all you know is to bait on mine
Clap for this guy. Sucker.