E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Not sure AK would win even if this was implemented xD


Not with our suiciding techniques, would be -10000000000000


not sure what you are bragging about. no one respects the fact that RM is going to win. even though AK wont “win” the era they have won it through gained respect through fighting the entire era, even if RM doesn’t die before ticks are paused


Who the fks bragging abt anything? Your standard reasoning might win you likes, but thinking low abt others and insulting them without knowing the clear picture is standard excel. lmao




if you could step back and look at your post from the perspective from anyone outside of RM you could easily tell my reasoning and what im saying. likes from people who are in all different teams or who are not playing show that the same sentiment is felt by others. nice straw man argument tho lul, standard leero


No one blames RM for what they did, they played smart, instead of fighting for 1000 ticks like many of us they chilled and easily took first place.


this must be 20 characters


The Africans have decided to relocate to Japan and Pearl Harbor us from their colonies. Don’t worry we have Japanese kryptonite! Get the first aid kits ready bois :stuck_out_tongue:


Tick 1297 - Updated for the end of era gif


While I think its fair to say RM haven’t fought as hard or well compared to any of the other top teams, in my opinion its not fair to them to in hindsight call them out. If they had joined AK against A, A would be dead. If they had warred KK while they were fighting both H2W and AK, KK would be dead. If they had attacked felipes team early on, they wouldn’t be around for all the recent events to occur. Their neutrality has kept them in 1st and allowed other teams to build up and put on a real show this era. Even if RM aren’t super active (sorry josh), the blow to any team if they joined would be catastrophic imo.

I’m not gonna respect Josh or any of the other people in RM more or less after this era. (swag still sucks tho)


A few things.

RM deserve no words of praise. AK are still wack for having like legit almost all of the western world be their suicide waves for them ( funny how they still only amount to #2 doing this )

RM attacking KK or A would have been dumb, because you assume either team would just roll over and die… Veteran players are rather hard to kill, if not, how would this era have been coming to an end with so so so few teams actually killed during it?

If they could’ve, bet RM would have never even got involved in the worldly affairs, just stayed in Russia drinking vodka.

( To clarify further, no negative feelings toward RM… but in my eyes, an era isn’t won unless you actually dominated it, regardless of score )


if you read up, you see my posts were in response to a gloating post by one of the RM players, not calling them out randomly. and again i guess no one read what i said,

did i ever say i was going to respect them less? no, i said they gained no respect by winning the era the way they did. please read before commenting about something i didnt say :neutral_face:


Excel while I agree that you weren’t calling them out randomly (Leero lol), I never mentioned anyone else specifically when I said I’m not gonna respect them more or less. That’s a personal move on my part, because there are people who have been talking down on Josh as a player. Don’t say something stupid like please read before commenting lmao, because I wasn’t just replying to your post (I made a rather general statement).


Nono, I fully agree with you all here. RM did nothing great this era in terms of battling. Thing is, I said i’d do what I could for my team to put us in the best position possible. And here we are. I kept us out of wars that I felt would end the era if we joined, and by the time we did have any means of really doing anything, we hit a point of being stuck due to the border crossings. (Truly sorry G… We really didn’t mean to leave you hanging, but we couldn’t find a clean/quick opening to cross into GL). When we had one, you declared war on us before I could even do anything, hence, us turtled up now).

Unfortunately for us, we choose to pull out of GL when we had it simply so we could enjoy the new years. If we didn’t, things would have been much different, but based on AK’s movements at that time, I have a feeling they were in the same mindset. And when AK hit us in EU, I was making movements from my phone while on a 9 hour car trip (and AK started attacks the very tick I left…). Going through the mountains was a very very scary time for me during that trip :smiley: (no internet).

As Joe stated, us attacking A or KK would have been dumb. They were our bordering allies, so unless we absolutely obliterated them and their morale, that would no doubt come back and haunt us.

As for whether or not RM would have gotten involved, that actually was a different story. We had intended to wait until after the holidays to get involved (which obviously did not happen). AK was smart in sensing that we would try to hit them, cause in all seriousness, that was our intent for down the road. Otherwise, we would have had a easy route into GL


not that i have anything against RM but it seems like kind of a bad plan if you wanted to “wait until after the holidays to get involved” i mean the holidays ended like barely a week ago… thats basically like saying “we didn’t plan to start playing the game until after tick 1200 in a 1500 tick world”

Personally i think letting us all fight amongst ourselves while you built up made sense, people are just salty because they worked hard instead of working smart like you did.


Ain’t no body salty, and I’m guessing you didn’t even bother to read up so I’m just going leave excels whole post for you here to read.


I read everything, and i have talked to many people, im not responding to Excel.


not sure what ur point is, since you responded to me and my point was that they gained no respect from this era.

didnt see anyone do that lmao


i swear no one read a single word i said.

-RM gained no respect from the era
-“yeah but their strategies made sense of sitting and building!”
-yeah ok but i just said they gained no respect on the era