E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Welp you did ask for a battle report
Also you jinxed yourself carter


Not the battle report I had in mind…caught us sleeping and we didn’t see the attack until 30 minutes left eta 1…couldn’t get 3 guys on to dodge. Aquaman was not worth it lmao

nice fight H2W but war is far from over.


Damn, I saw the attack at 3 ETA lol, shudve checked with you. RIP.


I was at the movie theater…rest of team had just checked out for various reasons…no one saw it until eta 1 sigh


A noob guy named Ceasers attacked HTPU relic with his army, unfortunately HTPU armies were busy on frontline so Yoz and Fluff called in a favour from me to deter his attack, so I attacked the relic, but seems he launched the attack and went off and battle took place.

This guy was in my alliance earlier and he kept attacking allies, I even offered to to help him with the game as well offered him to join in with BDA, unfortunately he still kept attacking so I had to kick him.


RBL be like


haha made my day, lmao


Hasn’t been an update for a while so; Tick 1249:


Some reds for my head, I love being a trophy for some ppl.

Enjoy boys.




You sure you didn’t mean… ?


“What he really is”


Don’t worry black panther, you’ll always be the coolest big cat around :sunglasses:


meanwhile AGE grows stronger every tick as you mere mortals make petty humour. leo will win this era 100%


Lots of small brs aswell can’t find em in chat cheers :slight_smile:



Some of the smartest and dumbest plays of the era.


This one is amazing xD


you forgot


This was comedy gold xD