E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Clear favoritism, I demand a recount, free blues and for alex to be banned!!1!!

                                 Tick 67 Update

  • Jam is nearly dead as AK conquered quite a few of them

  • War between A and OCS rages on as most of OCS has entered Africa while A has managed to keep them at bay while OCS takes a bit of land.

  • RM and T has agreed to a NAP whose exact conditions are unknown.

Player Rankings


In other news, the war in africa heats up


Dr Peterson has just Died


Bahaha! I just HAD to sign in to like that Your Mum message. I can only imagine the context


So apparently I am a courier pidgeon now.

All cool and dandy folks, but you better cover your luxury cars if you keep making me post your private BR’s…


Earlier I was one, then I simply refused and asked them to post themselves, but now they caught hold of you.

Either they are too lazy to post on forum or they don’t want to reveal themselves and stay disguised.


Courtesy Punisher


These are old small brs actually, posting only because I thought that not enough A Vs OCS br posted.
Will post a few more.


this era looks fantastic :open_mouth:

shame I was on my trip when it began, let me see if its too late…


Join me in my corner Carter, we will kill everyone


And hence the reapers smiled down on the world, sneakily plotting its downfall …


Will I ever be free of these BR’s?


Evidentely not XD
just tell who ever it it to post it themselves


The 2nd option ofc hitmo.
Not everyone enjoys a company of a good quantity of players support to back them up if they reveal themselves and revealing their identities might get a little few more interested parties planting right next to their colonies to settle a score and ruining the current era for them.

So i am fine with other guys doing it for them until they want to reveal themselves.


ooooooooooooo that honestly never occured to me, some ppl that petty?
luckly i have never pissed off anyone :stuck_out_tongue:
well as far a i can remember at least XD


Yup bane I got that it is the 2nd option, thats why I continued to post the brs from punisher.

It is pretty common to plant with a theme, like having alliance name and player names from the same theme.
Even I haven’t pissed people off but the players j have played with may surely have so even I ended up with there on multiple occasions.


Ahh, the OCS/T BR isn’t here? Tsk


3 members of T died while attacking one guy of OCS


The things i do for Blues.