E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


ofc , cant fight without an army :smiley:


Tbh I always felt like AK would attack. They are the only alliance deluded enough to think they could take on 2 ‘proper’ alliances at once or would have done anything significant with our backs turned. Now running with their tails between their legs ,they are busy walling off GL in fear. Relax AK, we don’t find you guys that interesting.


Ill say this right now. Of all teams that have a chance of winning from here, AK is the only one deserving of this era. they fought from tick one till now and that’s earned my respect.

No matter the result props to PS and his squad, I might disagree with his diplo but hell his team made this era enjoyable.

All the teams that decided to sit and build that’s all good and this isn’t an attack on you guys. I mean I joined one lol. All I’m saying is credit and respect where it is due :slight_smile:


Not delusion mate, we had to stop you pushing into NA. And guess what we did. Here you after 200 ticks just in EU. I know we aren’t winning this era with the time limit left, but we were sure as hell not going to let you guys build network within our territory for an easy stab. Idk if you’d noticed but after 1000+ ticks of fighting A neither of us have got much from it, so why in the world would we think we can easily take a second team on top of that with more power than us.

You talk about fear and running with tails. But why wouldn’t we stay in GL? To enter you’d have to do a minimum 10 tick move, giving us plenty of time to crash :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s all good Faker. You guys had to make a decision. And you did. Maybe it was a good decision, maybe not. But I know I wouldn’t have made the same choices.


Love you all too :couple_with_heart_man_man:


so I see you’re playing the role of licking this era maybe you can break your lose streak?


Get lost you could’ve played with me too :frowning:


Neutron try to win some era then talk you can only Bork with your big mouth
You got carried by malice this era so don’t be happy.


I think some of you need to be set right.

See if I wanted to be certain of winning most of the time I would. It’s pretty simple. All I need to do is get into teams with already decent players and preplan with loads of others for subs etc. With decent and active players plus the fact that I’m also pretty good at this game, there’s not much that stands between myself and winning.

But what you can’t see ( or refuse to see ) is that I play with anyone who asks, from total noobs to complete randoms almost every different era. I play because I enjoy a challenge and the chance to teach others what little knowledge I have about BD. I don’t care about setting up with 4 subs,cheating or bringing my whole neighborhood just for a win nor can I red boost myself to victory in eras. In spite of all this, I do actually win.

Maybe with time you’ll see the value of why I’m doing what I’m doing. But for now you can trash talk and say whatever you want. I don’t lose a second of sleep over it nor does it take anything away from my ability.

Have a wonderful year.


“I play to teach people to play”

Plays with a team with a roster full of veterans and an admin.

I don’t care one way or the other for this argument, but that comment made me laugh.

  1. That team was random.

  2. Highlights my point does it not? We’re not exactly losing bruh.


not even winning on your own, you cant call em randoms!


To be fair to Neutron, I have indeed seen him do as he stated. Though, it is not this era, he has in the past and in many other eras. And also, tbf, this era, we simply tried to stay put and let good wars be good wars. But we were still a completely randomly put together team. My intention this era was to teach. I found out later, Gage essentially sent a bunch of vets to my team (half my team had to ask me if we were a sub for JAM infact). As the era progressed though, we just did smart moves to preserve ourselves and only just that. RM very honestly could have stepped into the war MUCH MUCH earlier, but at the time, any point where we would have stepped in looked like it would have been the deciding factor that put the nail into the coffin.

AK asked us to join their side multiple times. We could have easily hit KK or A from behind and trapped both outside of their hive territories. However, it was very obvious AK had some additional factors (H2W helping them) and we knew if we assisted on their side, it would simply turn into a 2v1 against us. We didn’t even know about TC at this point, which would have turned even worse for us.

A and KK asked us to join against AK and if we did, AK would have had 3 major alliances pushing on them at once. But at the time, A and KK were both already outnumbering and pushing on AK.

KK asked us to hit H2W early so they wouldn’t be a threat later in the era, but we didn’t as we saw they were evening out the fight between AK vs KK and A.

We only attacked KK because when they called a ceasefire with H2W, too much evidence pointed to them jointly attacking us (and honestly, still not absolutely positive on this, but at the time, wasn’t going to risk it).

As other’s stated though, props due to those who fought hard this era. A, AK, and KK have fought for nearly the entirety of the era (though most of those in KK are now fighting in other teams). Honestly, major props to all in those teams, I know it’s tough to mentally handle 2 months of uncertain sleep schedules. All have my upmost respect for their war efforts. But, with that being said, I will remind, being active and warring is not the only thing to this game. Many were tactically smart this era in their war efforts, but strategically sparse in their planning.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: @Fluffeh


600 ticks is plenty of time to build up an army. im just saying. on a 1 ticker. 300 ticks to kill top players is hard lmao. oh well its fun at least.


ive been warring since tick 1 too :disappointed_relieved:


since were all doing shout outs, everyone in RBL was and is great

@Gaurav’s BC sums it all up

I really enjoyed working to hold SA from people with armies 3x larger than us, my only regret is that we didn’t kill anything :\


300ish ticks to get some battle reports


You’re doing amazing sweeties, keep it up :slight_smile: