E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


A little late to be changing era length (not that I’m against it). Any change at this point will create dramas, accusations of favoritism etc etc. If there was a proper vote when the mass message originally went around (some weeks ago), then for sure as people could change there diplomacy/tactics accordingly.

For example if era was say 2000 ticks, we would have had no need to attack RM. Decisions like that would be voided, which is a little unfair. But either way, this era has already been fantastic. Don’t take away from that by saying it wasn’t long enough :3

  • Extend the era to 2k
  • 1.5k is fine

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I agree with you there faker.

It’s safe to assume the era wont be extended


All the SM players who are looking at the poll and confused what to vote for, imagine u have an electric mech with only malice beams and the enemy has a physical mech with annihilation, now do u want the enemy physical mech to stay at 1500 hp and fight it or give them a boost of 500+ hp and take it to 2000 hp. This poll will help in future updates of SM. Cast votes now


i mistakenly voted 1.5k lul


Kill the ones who support the era to end at 1.5k, problem solved.

Long live for those who wants to die fighting. :guardsman::guardsman::guardsman:


Actually the ones who die sleeping live longer :stuck_out_tongue:


all the gangstas just form and alliance with all 10 relics… oh wait. id just be solo then :roll_eyes:


Lmao thanks for info, so I assume the leader of this era is ahead by over triple points and extending the current era will only continue pushing the inevitable?

Is there no way (speaking in sm terms) to somehow get a couple of bunker shells and annihilate the physical mech?


So after AK stabbed RM.

HTPU declared war on AK.

Now its H2W + AK +HTWT and other subs vs HTPU + RM + A + RBL at Tick 1181

AK failed to invade further in europe once again (Muhammad bin tughlaq style :P)


this isnt correct, HTPU declared war on H2W, not AK. and RBL isnt fighting AK either.
Its H2W vs RBL + HTPU
and AK + HTWT vs A + RM


Thanks for correcting me Excel, but its essentially the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Just to note, H2W attacked HTPU first

And @leero, there’s a need for distinction, since while H2W and AK are allies, they aren’t fighting the same wars


Well it’s not.
(20 characters)


Dont forget TTC :sunglasses:


I attended the funeral dw


Well let me update the nap with RM was for 1k ticks we never stabbed RM
And it’s AK vs A and RM
H2W vs RBL and HTPU
HTWT is out of A and RM war
And leero suxx.


Agreed, RM and AK’s official NAP ended. While RM never unallied AK (and we honestly didn’t expect AK to add to their enemy list while already fighting A in EU), we didn’t consider it a “betrayal”. Just a shocking turn of events considering AK wasn’t making much progress on A once HTWT was hit by HTPU. But, obviously, we were an easy target with half our power in GL separated and yes, Leero sux for turning his phone on silent.

And also, RM is still at war with H2W as well. We just can’t hit anything as AK is in the way currently :smiley:


its too bad everyone sat basically all era. wouldve been fun if everyone fought like this around tick 600


there are more teams involved with large armies now. and only 3 alliances that were major players at the start are still around now. the heavy fighting is caused by people sitting and building up all era. H2W, RBL, HTPU etc