E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)



We need someone to update the map, a lot has changed

I can’t from my hotel but AK vs RM has begun, while RBL vs H2W and HTPU vs HTWT are going on


Tick 1078


AK vs A and RM??? i done been gone for to long



again no lockdowns necessary. Apparently he also learned to make range units?

( Donkey blamed his team for not alerting him of it )


Oh yes he was not home had something serious going on in real life
Nice kill.


lol, well AK decided they wanted more targets to hit i guess :man_shrugging:
But w/e, should be fun.


It was getting a little boring seeing only 3 attacks incoming, to used to the 5 pages of it


Faker is not a fake warrior


RM got a foothold in Australia?


Think it’s Praxis ops? (He joined RM)


huh, seems like i’ve been away for too long xD


Yeah, this era has taken a couple very weird turns lmao. I mean, look at Praxis. He started in JAM, who got rolled by AK, relocated to NZ, took over KK(T at the time), went to war with AK and then H2W, then made peace with H2W and then RM went to war with him in KK, and then he died due to personal issues, and now he’s with RM.



This is for sure one of the more interesting eras in a long time


Cant we all just hug it out… :mage:


A shame if this era ends in 350 ticks


i doubt alex would extend it … maybe a community vote would help?


pretty sure there has been a vote and people voted to end the era :confused: so unless they change their votes or die it ends at 1500


According to a message sent to me by alex there was never a vote. he just wanted a general feel for peoples desires for the length of this era.

Lets see. hopefully he lets this era pan out another 500 to 1000 ticks. its too good of an era to end it short


2500 might be too long, but 2k seems like a good spot