E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


If you look real closely, and read it, you can see that he does indeed mentions the A alliance, TC, and AK.


Whose the next replacement?


Who’s that guy? Kill someone worth killing, yawn. Would you like to see a slew of TC suiciding too? :slight_smile:


OH you meant your new guy?


No no, I mean like this


No lockdowns necessary btw lmao, and that’s just the few that were easy to find in our chats.


Whats with the world war? who is on whose side? someone update plz.



H2W and Rebels are at war across South America and AA. RM was also seen spamming H2W in Europe


So far RBL is pushing them eastwards as H2W abandon their western AA ops and are making a run.
But lets see what ICEMAN has up his sleeve.(they are fighting around our hive lol)


BD players when they spot a conquer with no units. I better win those 100 tokens you promised Alex!



Oh snap that infamous wild card draw 4







Looks like HTWT - Here To Waste Time, are actually here to waste their own time


The toxicity from this Era somehow still managed to find me over Christmas break

That’s impressive, 10/10


TC right now image


This is honestly why one should always play cautiously. They even had the maintenance tick to turn.


What’s the fun in safe sex?