E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


I was not even playing bro lol, btw this is in reply to the BR :expressionless:


Couldn’t post early 20 more squads of A damaged locked and killed by TC this time
Now running like piggies and btw cody I’m not the one whose crying you’re the who who is :slight_smile:


Cody explaining be like


Okay im back. is CODY still complaining here when earlier he was acting all tough fighting EF and AK? :smiley:



I didn’t know Jamaica was in Africa. Thank you for the geography lesson :stuck_out_tongue:


You dont make blacks there.


Thank you for pointing that locked OP out for me PS. I laughed.

If they waited just ONE more tick, I would’ve lost a good portion of my army but I guess they’re blind? or dumb? Thanks though!


Not much, but looks like someone slept in a bit.


He was just busy watching ‘Suicide squad’ !


that was a good one maurice!



He has literally wasted tens of thousands of reds this era and still does shit like that, said ‘Don’t call I don’t care if they die’


If you ain’t living the high life atleast pretend to. that’s how I roll :kissing_heart:


If you can boost it back, you do you lol


you all need some inspiration


Merry Christmas all! have a blessed day and enjoy :christmas_tree::gift::heart:


The tough choices Abdul makes on a daily basis.


Update since others are slackin and i now have more time on my hands XD

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tick 987

RM continues their war on KK with little progress made past Malaysia.

AK and TC proceed to blitz Africa and Europe due to a lack of western players who don’t need to be concerned with the holidays, vs A a team with plenty of young parents and horny guys.

H2W continues to aggressively posture towards someone in the east and suck a whole lot Pakistani dick.

WC continues to be a wildcard, who knows what they shall do.

RM’s easy era just got alot harder :slight_smile:


Lmao, what about you?