E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)



Tick 831 - Territory Update

You may be asking, why another so soon? I’ll leave spot the colour changes to you


Here’s the first kill from the KK vs RM war




Sucks for Prax as my understanding is he just passed out cold. I’ve been there lol. But now he gets cheap overhead to build pure anti us lmao.


Are u gonna start crying now Apollo?


Hell yeah man, super sad. I wasn’t in on the battle so some tears were shed.



You have died like 6 times comrade PS you should know better than to just strike off a player after one death




Yaz doesnt knw how to take a SS but here your go :stuck_out_tongue:


Loving that 1080p

20 character


Just a quick map update because I’m bored

Tick 881-


Been at the hospital for a few days, but well done to whoever killed me.



Not how we’d want to kill you honestly. Knew something was off the second we killed you (we 100% expected you to move). Hope your bro has a speedy recovery mate.


Second major kill of the war between RM and KK


Africans right now
Run run


:rofl::rofl: bolt belongs to them


Tbf the first one was more of a helpless slaughter hahaha



Always laugh when I see PS acting tough when he just has his teams do dumb big wing sends at empty OPs and his lackey alliance attempt to mass suicide to hurt us.

Have GL, ya goof. Unless you kill us it doesn’t matter, no?

Also hilarious when his suicide alliance is more effective than his actual alliance… maybe you guys should switch rosters?