E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Are u guys talking about me , cause i always wanted to do this

Pop pop, it’s show time (show time)
Show time (show time)
Guess who’s back again?
Oh they don’t know? (Go on tell 'em)
Oh they don’t know? (Go on tell ‘em)
I bet they know soon as we walk in (showin’ up)


Where is Horo, asking for a friend.


Don’t believe she’s planted this era.


Malice check your in game messsages

specifically from D


And as last era, here I’m again doing the marketing of this thread.
Hope we have better participation on this thread compared to last era.


What is the time frame when downtown occurs? Is it same as galaxy?


Thought I’d update the current status

Tick 41


From the looks of things, the era is starting to heat up a bit.

JAM (Rank 2) vs AK (Rank 6)
In the east we got JAM and AK fighting it out. AK seems to have the upper hand currently, with 4 members of JAM conquered in SA. However, JAM still has NA and Greenland under their full control. It’ll be interesting to see how things continue to play out on this front.

OCS (Rank 1) vs A (Rank 3)
Over in Africa, OCS has held onto their territory in the middle of Africam surrounded by A alliance. A seems to be making a decent push on them however as it looks like OCS is slowly pushing northward into Europe.

T (Rank 4) vs RM (Rank 5)
In the west, war has started to escalate between RM and T. T’s armies have started to make a push from the south into China with relatively no challenge so far.


Defiantly interesting so far

funny that A claimed to be a Just watching alliance :wink:


Oh… we initially planted to troll but then we saw you guys started to boost and charge at us so we decided to have a bit of fun, Also we all are just puppets who are fighting for @Alexander’s Amusement so have fun


Really quite curious as to scipios Identity :thinking:


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘we are claiming’ definitely we are just screwing around and watching, and if someone attacks us definitely we will put up a casusl fight, what do you expect us to do, move our units aside and give you our xtals and mine for free?


(Courtesy of The Punisher)
So apparently Jam is fighting AK,OCS and XPND.
Br of two guys death from AK

and then they are back like Cockroaches


@Alexander sends us nudes in exchange for signing up on his “E1 amusement in exchange for anal nudes” program.

You can sign up as well for availing the anal stuff nudes of Alex :wink:


@Hitmo seeing as absolutely nobody ( my self included ) know how to respond to that, we just gonna move past that and say that things will definitely get intense soon Between RM and T after what the 2 have broadcasted


I am looking forward to seeing some brs here too.
Hope @Malicewolf will keep us posted about all that :wink:
Let’s turn up the heat here peeps :sunglasses:


After the recent BC I made regarding the thread, players are messaging me with story and BR, I asked them to post it themselves to participate.

How lazy People have actually become.


They’ve learned with the Admins. It’s just a true sad story.


Tick 52 update


Things have changed a bit since last update. OCS is now back at rank 1; rising in power quite fast and starting to pull ahead of the other teams. Majority of OCS members have relocated into Africa now.
A is now 2nd and JAM moved down to 3rd. JAM now has 4 members conquered by AK in SA.
T is ranked 4th and has taken out rank 5 team RM member alex1 (I’d post a BR, but he still hasn’t responded to me…). However, in a turn of events, one of T’s members has been banned and booted. So both teams are down 1 member it seems. Two members of T have relocated. Eastern of Viking relocated out of Russia into Australia. Gladiator of T just moved slightly further south in Russia.


Seems like there might finally be an era with some fighting and wars! woohoo! Good luck everyone!


A little birdie asked me to post some BR’s

So here we go: