E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Whatsup Africans turning 300 against those 150s?


Btw KK took the battle werent sure they would win or not but they were brave enough and you guys turn against 150 clearly shows u dont wanna have any losses and let KK take all of them gg :slight_smile:


we noticed that you were not among the defenders so we assumed they knew what they were doing xD but nice defense :slight_smile:


Don’t fall for the toggle A. XD


Biggest issue with turning is losing the op spot


oh we knew we’d win.

the question was only by how much :slight_smile:


Yay wala confidence chahyay bc


mfw when you think 300 is really 300.

Do you not play BD? Oh wait… we’ve seen your skills of suicide…




flex when you get a kill, not when you just get the br hahaha


No im just showing the number of units that they had and they still turned you jew bick dig


PS when he dies is like some ex girlfriend you told personal things to, she just starts yelling and hopes someone will give her some attention


u know as we are the african mafia and like hood people and our leader wokeup yesterday and he was like comeon brah lets chase AK in greenalnd and we were like ok brah and moved to greenland. and just when we were about to land this happened

So just going back to get our winter cloths , dont worry we will be back again.
Coming soon…


That is only 180 squads or so. Why would they risk a 180 vs 150 fight?

Makes far more sense now why they had turned.


I would normally agree, but if we scroll up a few times you can see annon posting my army without any killing. Just giving away the info, so yeh I’d say all is fair


my bad :3 sorry PS

It still is funny though


I did? i havent posted a br in a while xP


Was towards the start of the era, post number 32 within the thread


That was from Punisher, he asked me to post it.


Still posted by yourself, hence why I brought it up.