E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


RM is fighting no one at the moment.

Only wars I know of right now are AK vs KK.


We’re fighting our inner demons right now.


I have faith in you!


Unfortunately most of the flame war is happening in skype chats and not the forum for everyone to see and enjoy ): So sad


Nothing impressive, but I haven’t seen a BR here in awhile. Cheers Adbul :wink:


It’s all for the best Excel. Don’t worry, when the time comes we’ll talk here.


I thought these small brs didn’t matter but wow you’re so happy
So here you go
YO-1 YO1-1

OH and this aswell

Cheers Devni :wink:


A moment of silence for PS’ failed attempt at diplomacy…


Calling it diplo, is an insult to those who know diplomacy. :grin:


What happened?


will wait for a big BR.


I think PS is still a little salty the only big BR is him disbanding…


Shame on khadar’s attempted diplomacy :slight_smile:


100%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (20 char)


Farming your friends for XP on Fantasy, using Team Viewer, and now trying to deceive people with edited convos made by you, and your submissive boyfriend Zain. You guys really are the worst form of scum. If you guys don’t win after all the cheating and lying y’all are doing, I would suggest you take your Paki booties onto another game and spread your STDs there. Don’t you ever try to discredit my reputation like that, you lying sack of shiz. If all the cigarettes you smoke in all your pics don’t kill you first, I will.


Grabs popcorn


Zain should be taking better care of his phone, that battery level is border-line neglect…

oh and its easy to produce convos out of context. lets see a date connected to those messages. cheers


We can do this all day Abdul if you want. These weren’t edited though :kissing_heart:


Never went by ‘Butterfly’ only. I always use ‘Butterfly Effect’ as my name when I do decide to use it. Come up with some believable convos then let’s talk dimwit.


Cheers deniv :wink: