E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


The question is why did you join em if you had differences :joy::joy:


Sometimes people just dont work out, German played well while he was with us and i dont have any issues with him :slight_smile: just sometimes it doesnt work out is all. <3


lol, post it as soon as you kill anything again.


germanicus was the one attacking, so it’s more likely he would be online at the time to be able to get the screenshot to post.


PONKA was just eager to bust the proverbial nut. First person their side killed ( beyond themselves, that is )


looks like AK is gaining in AA.



Tick 510
A and KK vs AK
A has booted AK out of Africa.
Thanks to RM and excel EF’s 400 tick dominance over AA is over.
Now KK took over most of AA but AK is slowly expanding pushing them out while A has made no moves in AA RM being neutral.
Lastly ANTRAX is back in the top 10 with H2W and RBL carving places fr themselves in the map.


i joined for less than 24 ticks, and have been out of EF for over a 100 ticks now lol


Josh please return to updating for us so we dont have to deal with such low quality ones.


The one posted above seemed fine to me xD


Tick 517 Update

Looks like there is a lot of activity in areas with stuff going on!


Update: Excel has been banned for a bit.


Thank god, what a toxic forum member


Oh my goodness :neutral_face:


The war certainly rages on, as you can see in this image below, a freaking nuclear missle is heading towards an A colony!!!

what r they going to do!

this is the most exciting part of the era I’ve seen yet


In other news, A doesn’t seem to like peace as they make 13 more OPs in the middle of Russia after saying they’d raze the one’s currently too far.


Stop giving away information to the enemy! You spy


The game is down again?


Who is RM fighting now?