E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


ROAR! And the lino bravely ran away!

Cue the terrible, cringy/stomach churning meme from PS…


Famous last words by PS


I thought that side of the war had stopped :stuck_out_tongue:
Some kills at last :smiley:


we have been killing small individual squads,
now first big army falls.


great job. u get this right u get NA and SA making u guys clear winners.


Its just 1 army , its still a long way to go with the amount of territory AK has gained and they still have the power advantage. Lets say we killed our first Bowser on the way but princess is nowhere near.


Nice kill, but alas you will need to do more than that deter me


Tick 350


AK vs A
RM vs EF

A seems to have caught a 2nd wind now that they only have 1 front to deal with. AK got a strong hold on West Africa, but seem to be losing a bit of momentum now (however they did boot A out of GL)

RM pushed against EF in South Africa. EF leader fled the southern tip where he had relocated a while back. RM has now taken a majority of the OPs EF had in their possession, however they still have around 2k infantry in the area stacked up defensively.


Not anymore. Had a nice nuke land and EF armies sitting on radiation. They all, save for one now, have retreated back to AA. no major losses. maybe 100 total armor on EF side, and I did lose one very brave squad, who tried his best.


Did T attack AK?image
(those ops belonged to platypus)


yeah. A and T are fighting AK together. as if A wasnt overkill enough


Now i dont expect AK to last soon with their allies EF pushed out by RM.


Why that’s very a pessimistic view.


why is a Aussie like you helping the Pakistani gang?


Where’s all the memes PS was posting? He’s been quiet for to long


I’m just a poor animal, don’t hurt me please :frowning:


I’ll see u at the end with some screenies. :slight_smile:


Please do show me all the screenies🖕


You don’t have an army to get BR’s with so i’m not sure what you are talking about…


Nudes? O.o :stuck_out_tongue: