E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


Update: Tick 277 ( Post Battledawn DDoS attack ) EF and AK vrs A is still ongoing. A has done a pretty respectable job of fighting on both sides of the invasion. T and RM seem to be sitting out the wars for the timebeing. There have been no major loses or catastrophic power swings. H2W and AGE seem to be boosting up rather quickly and gaining their place on the map.

Map Update :

Player Rankings Update:


you can copy and paste the image so you can see it without having to click on a link. its the option that looks like two pages are on top of each other and one has a corner folded



Thanks. Will do next time


H2W are boosting cos of ANTRAX but AGE arent really


looks like the war is heating up and A is fighting back fr real…


Does anyone actually care about any wars going on or any alliances besides AGE? They are the only ones I’m watching or care about.



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Looks like someone else is coming to save you bby


Tick 321

The war between AK and A rages on, with AK making progress in Africa, and also forcing A entirely out of Greenland and are now invading iceland. Don’t think any major kills have been made, although one member of A is conquered, and several members of AK have relocated into Africa.

RM has declared war on EF, and they are fighting in the southern tip of Africa. This war has just started recently so no major kills have been made.



We ran out of Vodka and Borsh. We were told they had some stashed away in the cold lands. We have come to take it.


Nothing new for Ava Adams xD



Looks like RM maybe lost power? Was it just the 10th leaving?

Also did A and AK have a battle in Iceland?


Wish someone answered these questions…


Well, for RM, it was just because we lost our 9th member. We’ve taken no big hits so far fighting EF


Lion army disbanded after lockdown


Quality plays by PS, holds title of dying first AND second in this war.


There’s a surprise…