E1-Era-48 (Anons Reckoning)


So a Brand new era of E1 has started ,will post the screenie as soon as the era begins,There has been some chatter that old players are returning to play this era.
(PS:- Beloved Admin @Alexander has released a crystal on every single mine, Hope @Senatus doesnt go for another BOAT :wink: )


Tick 2!

Never seen such arrogant placing like OCS has done, but I guess we’ll see if it works out for them. Asia is virtually unpopulated with a lot of alliances in SA. Looks like it will be a fun one!


Excel i was gonna do it :rage:.
And yea OCS is really arrogant this era already.


get gud noob 20 20 20


OCS must plan on being able to relocate away after taking crystals and conquers from all over the map


G plant…


Too early man. I’ll plant when it’s too late for temptation to play can set in. Please keep topic updated. thank you


Tick 7
Looks like the maps already changed a bit.


Someone update the ranking and map.

I myself tried but I’m playing only via mobile so ss way too small to read for anyone.


Tick 13


Any news on wars or anything? The territories looks pretty mixed, so I’m surprised conflicts haven’t broken out yet.
OCS seems like they may be in a tight spot if they aren’t allied with JAM, AK or A.
JAM’s got a good hold on both the America’s
AK’s got a good portion of SA covered
A’s got Africa and Europe covered
OCS is split up in all 3 of these territories and don’t seem to be holding any of them significantly.
There’s also 1 OCS in AA surrounded by EF

Looks like AK and JAM may be scuffling a bit in SA as one JAM member is conquered by AK.
RM and T are clashing a bit in territory as well as 3 new members of T are located in Russia. RM’s also got some members spread out. 1 in NZ near T and 2 in Africa near A.


Definitely there are wars and br as well.
I’ll get few people to post it.

Seems anon nor excel not doing their job :stuck_out_tongue:


its tick 17 what brs are there lmfaoo


and i cant message people in game for brs because then they know who i am, and i dont know who other people are so i cant ask them on skype


At this tick even a few vehicle killed is a good kill


Some guys popped up with an alliance named AGE.

Could this be the return of a legend?


either way my hands are tied until someone pms me on skype with a br so i can show it


JAM kill on AK



i doubt if Senatus is there in ocs :smiley:


Been back since last era alexi

The legends are back.