E1 Era 39 Discussion


Last I heard, Sakrie’s spot is potentially reachable from Hawaii. If you were unable to claim Hawaii, then that is your own loss.


Yes yes yes, perhaps you would have liked me to take Hawaii with my army that was busy taking europe, asia and africa. Even if i did take Hawaii by some miracle it would ultimately be in vain since they could just relocate Germanicus and still raze the outpost.

Now i understand that you see me as your god, but i am not a goddess. And when someone makes a play and you offer me no counter play to that, well that is rule 1 of how you can tell a game is broken.

So please do enlighten me now that you know i am not a god how exactly would i be able to take and keep Hawaii while i was taking over the world? A spy perhaps? Yeah what would that guy be able to do against all 10 players sitting in that island?

Nobody is begging, i never begged for anything in my life and i am not about to start but you know we’re right. That is bullshit, yes bullshit and it’s freaking amazing that @Sakrie gets rewarded with keeping his crystals after having lost a war simply because you people think it’s fair that he made a play and i can’t counter it.

It wasn’t even anything skilled he just pressed the raze button are you serious… How dare you think that’s fair?


Sounds like there was some short sided thinking on your part. You choose to focus on Asia, Europe, and Africa. You could have focused right on Hawaii/NA to begin with. This game is equal parts war, strategy, and diplomacy. If you couldn’t take Hawaii with war, you needed to use diplomacy or strategy. Spys within alliances etc. It was your back stab, your choice/timing. If it didn’t work out exactly as you wanted it, don’t go blaming those against you or the game.


It did work out, why don’t you login and see for yourself. Thing is i was fighting multiple teams on every side and my reach could only go as far as iceland. It’s not like i was sitting around with my thumb in my behind doing nothing, from the first 3 ticks i was slaughtering NaNo and Wri, they lost because i played it perfectly cutting them off at choke points while establishing landings for invasion, don’t pretend like you’re teaching me anything or as if you would be able to pull off what i did by writing words that no one in this room understands like “strategy” and “diplomacy”.

Nope i did not try to take Hawaii simply because i thought a relic would be moved within 24 tick range if they razed the outpost there. And i am telling you that even if i DID try to take Hawaii there was 0% chance of me keeping it to stop them from razing it for they would press the raze button before i landed in West coast USA and if i did take it i would either not hold it or hold it with all my army and lose the era.

So what’s the trade off here that you’re proposing? Take Hawaii and lose the era because the admin allows the losing team to stay out of reach? Where’s the fairness in that?

You’re acting like i had 9 more players to takeover the world, i didn’t i had myself and dan taking eurasia and africa with carter and lez taking indonesia and australia. So as you can see we were stretched thin.

I think there’s some confusion on how BD is meant to be played, you aim for victory i aim to demoralize which is why you wouldn’t be able to pull off what i did so don’t come telling me what you would have done differently. But unlike you i’m not here to tell you how to play or think because there is no correct way to play or think.

So how in the hell were we supposed to take Hawaii and keep it? PLEASE do present me an alternative and put it in action yourself on E1 the following era so i can see your brilliant planning of sending all your army to a place to die. -.-’

You shouldn’t speak without having the facts especially considering if it were in our shoes you would be annoying alex to move a relic or plant garrisons. Why don’t you try to put yourself in our shoes for once huh? Let’s suppose i did know that the admin wouldn’t offer us any options to counter play a rival play (which is bullshit might i add again), would you risk losing just because you really want the crystals standing in the middle of the ocean? Yeah i don’t think so either.

About the spy? I am 100% sure if you planted a spy in the enemy team he still would have died to them in Hawaii.

So i say again even if i did try to take Hawaii i wouldn’t be able to keep Hawaii. What would have you done in my place mister strategist/diplomat?


Technically what @Sakrie did was within the rules and @Alexander has the right to prevent u from moving the relic into the ocean because he had established that in the beginning of the era.Now if he changed that just for u wouldnt that be like him going back on his word?After all he is the Head Admin we cant have him bending the rules it would be a giant slap to the face of the community.


Holy crap there, calm down Sun Tzu.

You won because literally nobody cared besides your own team. How the heck does Wri end this era 2nd? That’s just sad.


So many words to just repeat most of what you have been saying for days. You are right, backstabbing my own team and almost all of my allies after having played the round with them is not something I would pull off. But if you think you are the first player or alliance to change who wins a rounds, you don’t know your history. I’ve and many others have went from 2nd place or worst, and taken down rank 1 and secured the world map(sometimes in 2 ticks). Countless times even. If you don’t understand the words “strategy” or “diplomacy” then no wonder you feel like you had to “play it perfectly” and still end up spending days complaining about rules being unfair to you.

You knew the relics were immobile for the round and assumed incorrectly that the relics would move FOR you. You made a mistake, and yet it seems like things may have worked out for you? And you ended up wasting weeks of complaining about the game. You are correct, I would not risk losing an era over a few crystals but if you dominate the map as much as I hear, you wouldn’t of had trouble/nor risked your era.

I shared a potential strategy earlier and you said they were words apparently no one understands. I won’t tell you anymore what you should have done.


By me killing everyone else above you.

I did complain once and that was it in private to the head admin. What i’m doing here is quite literally telling you that you’re wrong for thinking someone who lost an era deserving to keep his crystals based on the fact that we can’t reach him. Pay attention.


Is it really losing if I planned well in advance to utilize the natural placement of an AI colony in order to ensure that my alliance would receive tokens and myself a ribbon? It’s not my fault you plan for this. It’s not my fault I thought of a strategy that can’t be beaten with the rules put in place.

I’d argue that I actually beat you here. The only thing you really wanted was to show your dominance to everybody. All you’ve done is kill inactives after dieing and being fed; now you’re drawing even more attention to your own failure to kill me, arguably one of the most annoying people on BD. You’ve diminished your own victory by being drawn into petty arguments. Congratulations, I wish you the best in the future because I know this is going to eat at you inside for a while.


I wonder if anyone you killed actually really cared… Acting like a god but a god with no followers? Lovely.


only words, never any action


The difference between us is you see ending rank 2 as victory which is fine i totally respect that. But i see rank 2 as the 1st loser, rank 3? 2nd loser. To me there is only one victor. So keep your rank of 1st loser because to me you ending rank 2 in Wri while i was in NaNo already proved you are one. Showing dominance was never my aim, i planted to make new friends and meet new people. Showing everyone that you’re all talk and no skill was just bonus and the rest just collateral.

You saying you’re inactive just goes against what you said earlier about having quit by the way.

I bet it feels really good to have your WHIP buddies come here and act like i’m a bitch for backstabbing but in all honesty i was never with you and i don’t care SO STOP coming here to cry about it. Let me make it crystal clear to you and your friends: I would gladly stab you in the front, the back the sides all the way to your merry little behinds just for crossing me while i was in NaNo.

No hate though, you make my blood boil when you go out of your way to talk trash, i love it and it just pushes me further and further. Thank you pat and lawmpy you are the reason why E1 didn’t end in a battle hug.

You were talking throughout the era like you were The Messiah but you lost your friends the era, you talked like you were Jehovah on skype to Dan but you just quit when we put you between the sword and the wall. But huh… Hey listen, why don’t you stop talking trash here and go to E1 and prove how much better you are? But i know you preffer to talk, because that’s what you do, you talk and get your teams killed no wonder Stark barely wins with you on their team.

I shall very much enjoy yours and your friend’s reply to this because you honestly think hiding in the ocean makes me angry or spoils my plans don’t you? LMAO

It just makes my win so much easier. And if you fight? Well i enjoy a challange no matter how tiny it is. In any case whatever you do and listen to this specifically: You are my puppets. I pull the strings and then you dance @Sakrie and WHIP friends.

I should have just listened to @Alfie

bows Thank you and good bye, i shan’t read this anymore so whatever you feel like writing won’t matter to anyone. :innocent:


All I need to read to know you don’t understand anything I have ever said. My goal was to annoy you, which I did/am doing.

  1. I’m not WHIP or whatever, I literally have nearly civil-warred in the past when I was inside WHIP teams due to creative differences.

You are delusional. Your paragraphs read like they are the writings of a lunatic.


go Sakrie!!


Planted around tick 500. Rank 10 to 1st along with breaking all BD records at the time :smiley: SKY forever :heart:


Aye, let’s make friends by sounding like a psychopath on forums, that’ll work

“I came to make friends!”
“You’re all puppets and I pull the strings”

Man get over yourself lmao, and as for you Dan, I’m not wasting my time just to prove a point, if I wanted to, I would’ve. But real life comes first.


“I’m here to make friends!”


All the 157 posts in this thread are nothing compared to my “success” in Battledawn …

Once I saw I had xxxxx-thousands blue “tokens” (is it called tokens, I cant remember for sure) at Battledawn, so I gave it a try …

  • I read you will find a lot of help

  • I started to learn things in tutorial

  • I read there are mods for each “area”, who will also help you a lot if you are new to the game

  • I built up my little army

  • I read you will find so many help

  • I had to learn so many things

  • I read you will find a lot of help

  • I started be a very very very little proud of my army

  • I read you will find a lot of help

  • I dare to safe my place and “look” around a little bit

  • I read you will find a lot of help

  • I tried to start thinking which step would be best for next

  • I read you will find a lot of help

  • my first attack ended with my half army dead, but I survived, I never give up, I built up again, so proud of my little army

  • I read you will find a lot of help (as new player)

  • I was so proud of my little built army

A well known mod killed my LOVED little army - twice !

Thanks for the H E L P , that was exactly what my army needed !

So it really helped me to decide NOT to play Battledawn.

No need to build up things 1 1/2 day and after 5 minutes all is gone.


WHO want the xxxxxx-thousands blue “tokens” I have right now ??? (I am pretty sure you cannot send them)

^^ it’s true story, but dont take it to serious, I just wanted to say : its a BATTLE game, normal that players / people fight each other !



I’m speechless, 10/10


@Horo @Sakrie @LeBoink WHIP ain’t a thing lads and lasses. Stop acting like it is. You are just fighting a group of people who are friendly towards eachother :slight_smile: