E1 Era 39 Discussion


you got some weird fantasies dude



You lost lmao get over it.


So, in an interesting turn of events, Horo feels remorse and decided to give back third to @Sakrie and Lamp! What an interesting development, although it kind of makes the whole stab pointless… right?
:thinking: :thinking: someone loves having the power over a map and some pixels, I guess. Who knew? I certainly didn’t!! Maybe @Germanicus’s team did?



Oh you mean i like playing war in a wargame? Yeah i’m such an idiot lmao.


everyone acting like 500 tokens is so much lmao, 500 tokens is like 2 boosts.


It’s the gesture that matters :slight_smile:


Legit tho 500 tokens is nothing. I was surprised with how fast its possible to go through tokens. I remember ppl being like “I’ll do this for 250 tokens” and i thought it was a lot before i started boosting. Then when i did, i was going through a couple thousand every 24 ticks.


hahaha this is why I love Xyz


I think alex has a lot going on right now, i’m sure he’ll reward @Sakrie for his amazing riddles when he’s got free time to move a bloody relic in range! :smiley:


So how many people are still even logging into E1 at all? I’m going to say 7-16 total across all alliances.


Your team makes me sick. Puke.


Which is why you’re giving them 3rd and myself a top-10, I’m assuming? :joy:



If that is true that is ridiculously egregious. Unless you are including tokens you send to others.
@Horo It would be better to simply not get involved in stupid arguments on the forums, I have nothing against you personally but every time you post it damages your credibility and name more and more, especially when combined with things like unintentionally letting your ‘nemesis’ get third place again.
Regardless, congrats on making this era extra spicy and salty in equal measure


Alfie go to bed and get away from this evil place, my bastard child.

You still have a chance to be saved.


Ok i’ll be good… :c


I’ve not been on the game in a hella long time. I just remember it was like 1k tokens every time i use all boosts. So, every 24 ticks thats each big boost once + a small boost 2 times. I dont know the prices but i know it went quickly. Im not some nerd that knows how to count or keep track of numbers. Also, why are you back on the forum? When you make sn excuse for losing like “im going to uni” you should prolly stay off the forum for like a year or however long its supposedly gonna be, so ppl think you were actually in uni. You cant make up a cover and break it that quickly.


I hope you LAN turds enjoyed the spam.