E1 Era 39 Discussion


You conquered somebody who wasn’t even pretending to play, congratulations.

Now come out and visit me in the South Pacific. It might take you a while.


Wrong, she was playing and i got plenty of battle reports where i’m defending against her to prove it and so does dan. In fact we got BRs from asia to europe to south africa.

The fact that you say “i was just watching” or “not even trying” or “not even pretending to play” doesn’t mean you weren’t playing when we got proof you were. Example:

You’re contradicting yourself. And honestly just shows how much of a loser you truly are mister. But that’s okay please do keep making a fool out of yourselves on this forum. The whole story from my point of view + what i learned from you 1 digit IQ people will be released after i’m done on e1.



I hope you’re proud for killing literally the most inactive player in the era.


Again, keep saying they’re inactive when they were clearly active enough to fight and lose.

Lap dogs


Idk the entire story, but this does seem like a case of people saying they werent even trying or that they were inactive, after losing, as an excuse. Sad.


dear queen horo,

i wish to remind you humbly that you knighted me “Single Digit IQ Flamingo” some time back! i worked very hard to earn that title!

i’m fine with you calling them “1 digit IQ people”. but please do not give them the “Flamingo” knighthood level of single digit IQ.


your dear own xyz


Having units on gates for literally a month without moving them apparently means we were active and fighting?

I’m not sure why there is even this discussion. There weren’t any wars in this era.


ahh the most common excuse on BD after a lost, “we weren’t trying, if we were really playing you’d have lost” every fucking team says it.



Let’s see, FTW ring any bells? Maybe GOD? Nano perhaps? (i don’t mean about what you pulled on us, but after we left Nano you were nuking TaTTe and attacking Nano outposts lmfao)

Dude why’re you in such a rush to prove yourself? I already told you everyone would know about your idiotic decisions when E1’s done.


I would have won E1 if I was playing seriously. :sunglasses:

Just wanted to say it.


“Every team”. speak for yourself, buddy. I usually go for the “im a noob” or “BD isnt pay to win like it should be”


I wasnt even trying this era. I woulda won if i was trying. Both e1 and e2. Its just that half of my team (SGC) was moving and the other half was helping them move. Thats why we were inactive xD haha u got pranked hard u killed an inactive army that i boosted up and slaved over day and night. what a noob you are. You have nothing to be proud of





I’d literally be the last person that would be a lap dog. Besides, don’t you have like ten?


So out of curiosity, has anybody done the math on the time it will take a relic to move within range of me on this era since (I think?) there are special relic rules preventing them from being put out into the ocean.

I have :wink:


Remember when teams would ignore everyone and systematically kill off everyone?


this era is far from over…

this is how the era will end…

this is a feminists’ era… horo will kick out everybody in her alliance… lamp will join her alliance… lamp will become leader with horo a mere subject… to show the finger to the whole E1 world… xD

the icing on the cake: they will rename their alliance - xyz’s angels!!! tag: XA

thereby confirming i was the total brain behind this era… and all you people salting here are suckers…

also proving i’m salty bcoz “xyz’s devils” didn’t become a thing with the guys… and the girls will get things done…

long live xyz’s angels - lamp and horo!!!

i love you, ladies of BD…


I really need to stop visiting this forum , holy fkin cringe.


I don’t even know why i’m still here